Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Windows of Provence  click on picture for details

The ladies of the T.A.M.E. club in Toledo do a great job of putting together a special project each year that is open to others outside their club.  This piece is a companion piece to the Doors of Provence I did a blog on earlier.  This is a window of Provence.  It is done in a deep box picture frame, about 3 inches in depth and about 12x15 in size.  It is available at Michael's Craft store.  A stucco Styrofoam wall is the back and a window with shutters is the feature.  The rest of the items are made from Japanese water color paper and punches for the flowers.  I added a bike with groceries from the local market.  I plan on putting in a brick street under the bike.  These hang on the wall and do not take up a lot of room.  I plan on doing more of these using the wonderful pictures that are on line as inspiration.  Just google Doors or windows of Provence. .  I took the glass out to take the picture, but it is all enclosed in a box with just a hint of brown as a frame with a glass cover.

The stucco is made of acrylic spackling on a Styrofoam base.  Then antique with a brown glaze, allow to dry and use caulks to add more aging.  An exacto knife can be used to add cracks.

This was an all day project.  A lot of preparation was necessary.  The techniques were all new to me, and the flowers and the finish work I finished at home. 

This was a great project that could be taught over a couple of evenings for a club.

This same type of frame would be wonderful for a street vendor scence or store front.  It is just deep enough to get the idea that there is more behind, but a lot of window space could be used for fruits, cakes, bakery, antiques, dress shop etc.     The time to purchase is when Michaels has a 40 or 50% coupon on line or in the paper.

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