Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wine with your cheese?

Wine-cheese -grapes and chips
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The project would be a great evening project for a mini club or a fast and easy swap gift.

You will need a wood circle or disk or poker chip for a tray, jewel finds at a craft store consisting of a cup and wine bottle, Styrofoam dots at a floral department that look like grapes.  These are usually attached to flowers as a filler.  A cork from a wine bottle, Yellow Fimo cut in slices, or silicone cut offs from a silicone mold making kit.   Green tissue paper

The green tissue paper is ripped into small strips or cut from a punch to resemble grape leaves. Glue to the base.  The silver jewel trinkets are glued onto the back.  I used glass stain in purple to fill the wine glass.  Glue the grapes on the side and save some to fill in around the back and in between the cheese.  The cheese is cut into tiny slices and chunks.  The cork is sliced and then sliced thin.  The brown and beige cheese on my tray is from a sole of my shoes that fell off.  I immediately saw cheese and rind with that one.  Some day my kids will go through my things and wonder why I kept a dirty old shoe sole.  The yellow is from scraps from a silicone mold making kit.  Fimo could be used in uncooked stage.  Glue all onto wood tray in a pleasing arrangement.  Fill in spaces with leaves or grapes.

The bowl of chips is an extra.  The bowl is a button and the chips are something you throw away or compost.  Green pepper seeds!!!! Collect a bunch of the seeds from peppers and the next time  turn your oven on put these in and bake  until lightly golden brown.  Chalk in a golden color or brown tones can be added.  I coat over with matte Modge Podge after gluing into bowl.  Bugs have never bothered these, but a mouse might eat them if you have a tendency to have one slip in and visit.

The chips can be used for another quick project.  Check out your adds for potato chips in you grocery store.  Find a bag that is scale and scan into your computer.  Print out the bags and glue together leaving the top open.  Coat the paper bag with glossy ModgePodge and leave dry.  Lay bag on its side and fill with paper towel to inflate bag and look like it is full.  Extend the paper towel out onto the table about 1/4-1/2 inch.  Coat with glue and pour chips over the glue.  Now you have a bag of opened chips that fell over and spilled out onto the table.

If you do not like the disarray of the chips set bag upright, fill with paper towels and fill the top with glue. Pour chips onto the glue and now you have a bag of just opened chips.

These look good on a picnic arrangement for the 4th of July or a reunion.

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