Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wood cut outs found at Hobby Lobby

More wood cutouts found at Hobby Lobby

A recent search and seek mission at Hobby Lobby turned up the wood cut outs of people.  I found them in the children's department.  The first set of people are 1/12 scale and are going to be Raggity Ann and Andy chairs.  I did an article for American Miniaturist a few years ago using dollar store chairs and made them into the famous duo.  The only problem I let them have the set to give as a giveaway and now can't show you the originals.  So shortly I will have these done and  show the end result.

The next set are more 1/2 scale and I am going to do Goldilocks and the 3 Bears chairs out of these.  I love the challenge of making something great out of simple things.  I am sure this isn't every ones cup of tea so to speak, but isn't it great there are coffee drinkers as well.  Some people love to purchase other peoples miniatures and get gratification out of saying "Oh this is so and so's" and its signed.  I like to get gratification out of saying I made it myself and I signed it!  Only by making it can you know how much time has gone in to it to complete the project.  Only by making it can you know the steps back you had to take because it did,'t go as planned.  Example, glue not right, falling apart, paint not right color, paint crinkles up because undercoat not right, dog eats whole project for supper, drops on floor and you step on it, coffee cup falls over and now its tea dyed. The list goes on.

 A recent Convention in Cleveland I precommitted myself to an Elvis and Friends in a Convertible.  Project got finished, I started to pack the my car with all the luggage, garage sale boxes and in the excitement I was not paying attention to the dog.  When I picked up the Elvis car, he and a girl friend were missing.  Not the right time to go out on a date!    Backtracking my steps to the house to locate the missing subjects I found them laying on the floor with no clothes on!!!! Elvis's head and guitar were rolling around in the dogs mouth.   My obligation was already printed in the souvenir booklet.  No extra dolls laying around.  Being a person of my word,   I grabbed a pink Cadillac and a piano for a raffle item.  I don't think they were very happy at the check in.  I happened to sit next to someone who said they were looking for the Elvis and Friends House party helper and couldn't find it.  I kept my mouth shut hoping the evening went by fast.  Moral to the story;   Always believe when someone says "My dog ate my homework."

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