Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1910 reunion Update

1910 Family Reunion picture

Making progress on the Family Reunion click on picture for details/

You may have remembered me blogging on another month about the 1910 Family reunion room box I wanted to recreate.  Well, the car is done, the table and chairs are done, the food and table is all set.  Now all I have to do is finish and start on the people.   I used up all my odds and ends  dishes and silverware from other projects.   I did not have to make too much food, I had quite a lot from swaps and tote bag favors.

 I started  to make the brick on Duff Goldman's fondant molds with Fimo.  However it was 90 degrees out yesterday.  The first sheet was terrific, but I counted I would need 6 more just like it.    By the time I got to my second sheet of fimo it was all goo.  Not patient enough for the refrigerator, I wanted instant gratification so I went online and printed out a couple of sheets of bricks on card stock.    It works for all that will be showing by the time the dolls are on there.  The brick mold would work for a smaller surface  area and really did look good, but sometimes you just want to get it done already.  It was so hot yesterday and I developed a little poison ivy all over my arms and fingers during my staycation.

  I found a cool corner and put together a baby carriage that Pat  Boldt taught at  Convention last year.  I did not take the class but she had an extra kit.. Some of the instructions must have got lost since last year, because I had to fudge the weaving a little.  It came out pretty good and I will share with you as soon as the upholstery is finished and the wicker is painted.  I made the beautiful baby in the lace gown for it at Convention.  This will take its place with the car in the Reunion scene.

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