Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coin purse remake into a carpet bag

Paper Binder Carpet Bag suitcase  click on picture for details

A fun, quick and inexpensive project using scrap materials and a paper binder clip available at office supply stores.  On the top picture you can see the small coin purse with the lovely embroidered design on it.  I got this at a flea market in a free box because the metal was broke and there was a hole in the back.  The black square at the top of it is the binder clip with the wire handle removed. It is 1" x 2" in size.  These binder clips come in all sizes.  There is one that is 1/2 inch and is about the size of a pocketbook.

I put the binder clip in the center of the floral design so I had flowers on both sides.  The top is pried open with a screw driver and the excess material is tucked into the top of the clip.  It will stay because it is so tight.  Now the cutting and tucking begins on each side.  Fold the top on the sides first and glue and hold with small clothes pins.  When that is dry fold raw edges in on the side bottom and fold up with glue.  Hold until dry.  That's it!  The handle is a twisted cord that I knotted and glued to the sides.  This is not designed to open again.  It is just to look like a carpet bag.

Any kind of material can be used on these.  Pleather, leather, looks very nice.  I thought this was a good way to use the lovely floral material that I had found. 

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