Friday, May 25, 2012

Dollar Tree Find-dog cage

A very happy dog--- The deer is gone
Dollar Tree find-dog cage

My friend next door wants to make a room box for her friend that has a kennel.  In it she has dog cages stacked on top of each other.  I was in a quandry of what to use for the cages when I happened to find these at the Dollar Tree.  I think it is a lion that perhaps swells up when wet.  It has a clear plastic box inside.  It was tougher than I thought it would be to get that box broke to put the dog inside.  But with a little elbow grease and a hammer and screwdriver I got it all broke and tore apart.  The bottom floor comes off and we can lay newspapers down on the floor just like a real kennel.  Her cages are black so no painting will be necessary.

An update from yesterday on my little friend hiding in the ditch.  During the night I heard it calling its mother, a hi pitched , schrill plea.  She must have  deceided to come back thru and get her child during the night, because I checked this morning and it was gone.  Only the weeds gave an indicator where they had laid.  Deer have a path they follow every day about the same time, evidently childbirth must have disrupted this Doe's time clock.  Its amazing, drop her load and move on to catch up with the others and pick your child up on the next round.     After I checked to see if the little critter was or was't there this morning, I let the dogs out and thats the first place they went.  Feloney was very happy to see it go because she was not allowed off her chain after discovering the new kid on the block.  I'm glad she came back, my daughter had dreams of another pet.  Cute but quite against the law!   I'm sure I will meet this little creature again as they run out in front of me on the country roads.  I know how and where they move deer hunters, but you will never get it out of me! 

 You don't have to leave home to have an adventure. A twelve foot black snake slithered out in front of me while I was weeding.  I deceided to take a break after that one. I have encounted it before.  They like to stay around bird houses and take the eggs.  I have a lot of bird houses (miniatures) perched around.  We have plenty of birds, but living in the country we have lots of mice and other pests.  So, unless the snake deceides to wrap itself around my neck and choke me, it can stay.  The mice and moles are a whole lot scarier to me than snakes.

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  1. My friend next door wants to make a room box for her friend that has a kennel. In it she has dog cages stacked on top of each other. I was in a ...