Sunday, May 27, 2012

Halloween Room Box #3

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This is side #3 of the Halloween Room Box.  The finish on the little house is my favorite crackle technique.  It makes something look old in an instant.  The base is black, then the crackle medium is applied and allowed to dry.  The top coat is applied in one direction as quickly as possible and it starts to crackle instantly.  The pumpkin strings around the house and on the tree are necklaces purchased at a Dollar store.  Corn stalks are real cut down to size.  Now raffia is readily available and could be used.  Another alternate would be the thin twisted ribbon that when unwound is scrunchy and wrinkled.    The ghost and scarecrow on the house are scrapbook decorations.

The gravestones are made of granite Fimo or Sculpty clay.  I mixed a few colors together, pink and gray granite.  I cut out in gravestone shapes and used a pencil engraved sayings into the stones before baking.  This clay has sparkles in it and looks just like marble or granite when baked.    My shapes are rather plain, but now with all the cutters available you can fancy them up quite a bit.   Last year at the Dollar stores there were small plastic gravestones available for decoration.  I painted them and aged them.  They look pretty good.   To give the aged look after baking, thin down black or brown paint and apply onto stones and writing.  The paint will want to separate and run but when dry it is just the right effect.

  The library will have books on famous and infamous grave humor, as well of headstones that are pretty inspiring.   Such a book is Grave Humor by M. T. Coffin.  This person has traveled all over visiting grave yards taking pictures of  stones with a sense of Humor.  It is a photo tour of funny, ironic and ridiculous tombstones.   I took a historic graveyard tour last year and never realized the carvings on tombstones have significant meanings for people who know.  Much could be revealed from the tombstones about a person and their life. 

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