Saturday, May 26, 2012

Halloween Room Box side #1

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Halloween room boxes are lots of fun to make and view.  Mine has a lot of details on all 4 sides.
I will blog on each side separately as not to make the days blog too long.  The little house is one that was a kit about 15 years ago, one side is a porch and the other is the inside room of the house.

The Elvis is from a mold by Janna Joseph, made by me. The acorn wreath on the wall is real, tiny acorns, glued into a wreath.  Cornstalks are real cornstalks cut to side and tied up with a string.  Fence is a plastic fence that has been aged with thinned down black paint.  The plastic skeleton was put in very hot water and then formed to sit down on the hay bale.  The tree is wire covered with floral tape and painted shades of brown and beige, fall leaves glued on, and then covered with a sting, a necklace, of pumpkins.  The ghost is a Kleenex with a Styrofoam ball  tied with string around its neck.

  The picnic table is covered with pumpkins being carved.  They are Fimo formed over a large marble.  Baked in oven,  eyes and mouth carved out, use an exacto knife, then the lid, remove the marble.  The best stems for the lid on the pumpkin are real tomato stems.  So if you like tomatoes, remove the stem and it will dry like a pumpkin stem.  For the guts inside that have been removed, use orange fur, found at a craft store, and toasted sesame seed for the pumpkin seeds.  Mix all together with some Modge Podge and put on a newspaper with a small knife.

The apple filled metal wash pan has been coated with clear glue first, allowed to dry, and then resin added about half way, allow to dry .   Add apples that you have made out of fimo clay.  Mix up a small amount of resin and pour over the apples.  Doing this in two parts allows the apples to stay or float on the top instead of dropping to the bottom.

The other children dolls are made my me, but the heads or masks are made from rubber picks found at a craft store to make mini dolls, or to put into cupcakes as picks.  They have been cut in half and a small piece of elastic poked into a hole on either side to make into a mask. 

Other trinkets and doo-dads were picked up at a cake decorating store, close to Halloween.  Some leave out their items all year ,others do not.

The attic of this house that is covered over with a white hair net, to resemble a giant spider web, is a mouse house.  It has mice and 1/144 furniture inside.  A kitchen, bath, bedroom and living room, all with plastic premade furniture.  I found black ants at a Magic store and cut the head and bottom to make  the giant spiders on the web.  They used to carry these ants at the dollar stores a few years ago, but I have not saw them recently. 

This is side #1 

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