Sunday, May 27, 2012

Halloween Room box side #2

Click on pictures for details and enlarge

Click on picture for details and enlarge

This is side 2 of yesterdays Halloween room box.  The fall leaves are cut out of real preserved leaves found at a craft store.  Using a leaf punch I must have punched out over 1,000 leaves total.  These are spread all over the ground of the roombox. 

The ideas and patterns for the costumes on the children came from books about Halloween Costumes.  Many of these books have line drawings  and scale drawings to be enlarged for your child.  One such book the drawings are just the size needed for 1/12 scale.  The bags for treats I purchased, but now with the free printables on line you can find many varietys available.   Just google, free printable mini Halloween and all kinds of things come up.

The doughnut treats are Fimo clay using a straw to cut them out.  The centers were cut out using a smaller straw like a coffee stir stick.  These coffee stir sticks are ideal for slicing thin and making onions for on top of pizza or on top of a casserole dish, salads etc.  After baking the doughnuts, use a pair of tweezers and drop into a pile of paint and then wholeless beads or glitter in a Halloween color.  The punch is resin with orange color added.  The little plastic skelton is from a pair of earrings I found at a junk store.  The cookies are from a cane I got at a show with pumpkin heads on them.  I sliced them thin for cookies.  The pop, chips are purchased, but now Chip bags are found online.  As I said in a previous post, save the seeds from Green peppers, toast in the oven until brown, and you have potatoe Chips.!

The carmel apples are made of Fimo  and baked with a toothpick inserted.  After baking dip into carmel colored paint. 

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