Thursday, May 17, 2012

Log Cabin Project

Look what I found while cleaning my House.  Another project!

I purchased this in 1995 on sale at Michael's .  I  stored it in a closet and forgot about it.

Well , I just had to put it together when I found it  ,I stopped cleaning and started assembling this kit.  It could have been the kit, or maybe sitting since 1995, but all did not go well on this part of the adventure.  The logs were really crooked and pieces and parts  did not fit together as they said they would.  The floor is somewhat crooked and the boards really have cracks in them.  But, that's OK because I wanted this to be a really rustic log cabin like the settlers would have been forced to have.   Also in the same closet I found an old Scientific General Store Kit that I think would be great in this cabin.  My relatives were the first settlers in our township and they had a general store in their cabin  The length is about 18 inches and the same in the height.  I plan on making a stone fireplace for it.   It is only one room.  The time spent was well into the morning hours having started it early in the evening.

  Its exciting to start a new project and put other items on the back burner for a while.  After a rest the project is once again exciting and new.  Sometimes the hiatus has made a few changes in the plans to the overall project. 

With great anticipation I look forward to the Cleveland Miniature show this weekend.  We do not get that many shows  as we used to.  I always make a list of items needed, I always forget the list, and end up buying off the web anyway.   It will be great to get inspiration from the displays and see old friends.    With inspiration comes NEW PROJECTS!

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