Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Log cabin update click on picture for detail

I spent some time painting on my log cabin.  The close up is details of the wood as it turned out.  I used the crackle technique and it looks like realistic logs.  If you have never tried this on minis or on real life furniture you are missing out on the antique look this gives you.  The first coat of  acrylic paint is what will show thru.  I used a cream color.  Any brand will work.  I believe mine is Americana.  The next coat is the crackle or weathered wood.  Apply and let dry.  This is clear and very sticky.  Before the paint companies came up with this we used Hyde glue, made from horses hoofs and very smelly.  Furniture Companies use this for joints in wood.   The last coat is the color you will use on top.  I used Pipe Rust.  Load your brush with a good quantity of paint, work quickly, and no overlaps, apply paint to the crackle coat in one direction.  It starts to crackle right away.  If you try to paint again it lifts all off and makes a mess.  If you have a gap wait until dry and dab the paint over it. 

I did this on the roof , the outside of the cabin and inside the walls and floors as well.   I still have the door and window trim to do.  It came out a little rugged and crooked in places but I like the effect.  I am going to use Spackle to fill in the grooves between the logs, perhaps add some sand for an authentic effect. 

My next blog is about a tag sale item I purchased a long time ago, I found it in the same closet.  It just so happens to just fit in this log cabin and fits with the theme.  Everything comes together in its own way in its own time.  I thank the powers that be that helps me find these things before I even know I will need them.

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