Saturday, May 5, 2012

Miniature find from Michaels Craft Store

Miniature find from Michaels Craft Store

On a mission to Michaels Craft Store the other day I found these finds in the scrap book aisle.
The first is a Jolee's Boutique find, called French General   Inspired by France.    I thought these looked like mini tarts.  They could be used as is or to top off a cake or pie.  A little clear glaze would make it look like real fruit.

The next mini find is also from the scrapbook aisle or maybe the bead jewelry aisle.  Bead landing is the name and Found objects is the title.  It is tiny hand mirror trinkets in assorted colors. Just right for 1/12 and half size mini scenes.  It has real mirrors in each but they are covered with a plastic coating sheet. I did not take them off to protect the mirrors until I can use them.

The Massillion Museum sent an interesting card the other day for a new exhibit they are having.      Viewing this card gave me a wonderful idea for a new mini project.  here is some of the wording from the card.

Dr. and Mrs Edgar Wunderkammer request  the pleasure of your presence at a housewarming soiree for their extraordinary domicile, The Odditorium.  Musical performance by the Bizarros.  Assembled from the far corners of the Museum, highlighting the most whimsical, rare, bizarre and fascinating artifacts and artwork from the collection.

You can adventure through the most unusual household whose rooms are furnished with lesser seen artifacts.  It is a card that looks very old and has a picture of a Victorian Mansion on it. 

I will relish the adventure and perhaps get more ideas.  It seems like another Halloween House to me or perhaps an eccentric Millionaire.  I will put them all on the back burner until I finish what I have started.

This same museum has Dr.  Immels miniature circus in it on permanent display.  He was a dentist and hand carved all the animals and people from dental tools.  When he passed away he donated it to the museum.  It is fantastic.  It is probably 12 foot long and 8 foot wide.  All the detail you could want.  He made all the freak show and tents and  every animal you would ever see.   He spent his whole life working on this.  I had the privilege to meet him before he died.  It is a wonderful display and I am glad it will be around for a long time for other to enjoy.

On the same card in August they are doing a workshop   Miniature Maddness Dollhouse Workshop!!!!  I must check this one out.  Maybe they would like some displays??????


  1. Great finds!! Thanks for sharing.

    Heather GSOLFOT

  2. Very awesome, I especially love the mini mirrors!