Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A miniature Greenhouse in  1/12 scale -A tiny retreat  to escape to where everything is blooming and growing and no weeds. Relax with a good book and a glass of ice tea.  The fountain is spraying water on your face in the corner, and the birds and butterflys are happy you are there.  In the corner is a mouse and frog just happy to be in your company.  The gold fish never demand to be fed . No phones, deadlines to be met, or annoying people.  Just you and Mother Nature.
 This little greenhouse is about 12x8 inches.  It is made from wood and clear plastic on the windows.  We have a store named Marc's in Ohio that gets lots of deep discount items.  I got this a few years ago and only bought 1.  It was only 3.99  What was I thinking, I should have bought more.  It has a lot of items in it but this one was very hard to photograph.  I painted the floor to look likes rocks.  I built all the potters tables out of wood coffee stir sticks.  All the plants were made by me.  The wicker lounge chair was from a friends estate.  The little cherub in the corner peeing is a fountain.  This came from  Christmas displays about 10 years ago.  I bought all they had at 75% and sold them all on E Bay.  The roof is clear glass as well and from the peaks I hung small spiders hanging from clear thread, they look like they are suspended in mid air.  Plants and greenhouses are my favorite to make.  They are so nice to have out in the winter when there is no green or flowers. 

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