Thursday, May 24, 2012

Miss Marples Green House

Miss Marple's Green House  click on pictures to enlarge for details.

This is a room box that I made a few years ago.  The greenhouse  is made from a pattern that ran in Nutshell News a long time ago.  It has real brick floors and side walls.  All the plants inside and out are handmade by myself.  I made the dolls, Miss Marple and her friend are enjoying a brewski in a heart shaped trellis.  The fencing around the scene is a plastic fence readily available at a miniature store.  There are birds and butterflies inside the green house.

I took this picture outside in the yard in the full sun.  I makes it look more realistic.

Miss Marple is a British Mystery on Masterpiece Theatre.  I started watching them and became quite hooked.  There are two women that play Miss Marple, but each are great  playing their parts.  She lives in a little cottage and becomes involved in mysteries  the Detectives are working on.  Everyone thinks she is an old busybody but she is quite proficient in her findings, seeing things that most people do not.   Most libraries have the DVDs of the seasons for both series.  PBS is the station they are played on.

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