Saturday, May 5, 2012

NAME -Hope chest wedding swap-click picture for details

NAME Swap garage workshop-click on picture for details

Here are pictures of 2 swaps I participated in for NAME.  The hope chest and wedding swap was among 21 people and the variety was great.    The NAME garage workshop swap was also a successful swap.  Each and every one who participates brings their own individual talents  in creating items to be used in a designated theme.  I think  every one did a super job.

A fellow NAME member named Toni recently had a house fire caused by her dryer.  She lost everything, including her minis.  As a result of that fire, I'm sure, and all the stress, she is now in the hospital recouping from surgery.   As I thought about her loss I decided to check my dryer out.   I purchased it only a year ago.  I was shocked to find all the lint that does not make it into the trap.   So, here is a warning to you all to check out your dryer trap, especially if you have dogs like I do.  I will spend the afternoon pulling out the appliances and cleaning under and inside as far as I can go.   I saw on an infomercial a device that hooks onto your sweeper and will go down into your dryer.  I took the end of my sweeper attachment to the hardware store and bought a length of flexible plastic  tubing and it works pretty good. The thought of losing everything I have spent so much time creating is mind boggling.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

Speaking of clear plastic tubing.  I have an Old Thyme Hardware store near me that has everything you would ever want.  They have bins that you can look thru and  buy only 1 of something if you want.  No large package here.  The plastic tubing they sell by the foot.  As I was waiting to get my sweeper tubing, I noticed this clear tubing came in all sizes.  1/8 inch and up.  I saw candy jars, canning jars, fish tank tubing, compote dishes and the ideas just went on and on.  When the man came back I said give me a foot of each of these.  He said what can make with a foot?  I said you wouldn't believe it if I told you!  Such is the life of a miniaturist!

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