Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Photo cube storage remake Chicken Coop  Click on each picture for details.

The above box started its life as a square photo storage box.  It was beat up and sad looking  in a free box at a garage sale.   7x8 " total 5 " deep.  I slanted the roof with cardboard and topped it off with groovy cardboard from a large 18 egg carton.  The box itself was painted black, crackle glazed, and then a coat of barn house red paint.  It has tiny crackle grooves in it.  The roof I painted silver,  let dry and then dry brushed turquoise and then sienna brown to resemble aged tin and rust.  the top lid slides aside so I put rusted screen in the back for screen doors.  Assorted mice are on the doors.  I cut out signage from googling eggs and chickens.  Glue the desired ones on cardboard and age with a little brown glazing paint.    I printed off newspaper prints from a free printie site and put that on brown tea dyed paper.  The walls are lined with that newspaper print  and the floors are from a piece of bamboo place mat found at the dollar store.  Looks just like floor boards. 

 The shelves were made from paint stir sticks cut to size.  Baskets filled with raffia are nests.  The chickens are ceramic chickens painted different colors that I purchased at a close out sale.  There are feed sacks and baskets of eggs , a broom, buckets, frogs, squirrel, shovel, a bale of hay.

  The large rooster wheel barrel was made from cardboard and is a pattern from an old Nutshell News magazine.  I used Coriander seeds painted white for the eggs.  The metal feeder in front is from a salt shaker top that lost its bottom.  The feed coming out is mustard seeds, small trinket chickens painted yellow for peeps are pecking at the food.    There is a lot in this little box that fits nicely on a shelf.  This coop was made by my next door neighbor and cousin Adrianne Young.  I assisted her in the techniques used in this project.  When finished it was given to her mother.  It was a wonderful recycle, reuse project.

My own chicken project in real life is also a rewarding project.  I can not believe how fast they grew.  Just like a child, feet growing large first, gangley, learning to fly.  Puff balls now with soft feathers.  The duck has become their leader, and body heat from them keeps them warm.  He follows them everywhere.  My little chicken that perched itself as leader just became to brave and a dog outwitted it.  I now have 5 chickens and the duck.  I enjoy taking each one in my arms and we talk to each other as I walk it over to the outside pen.  They enjoy sitting in my lap and we enjoy each others presence as we watch the sun go down.  They enjoy the little resue dog and peck at its nose as he licks their faces dry.   I never seem to have a camera when those great scenes present themselves.

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