Friday, May 25, 2012

Roombox basket

A basket just right for a room box

I found 2 of these baskets this week at different garage sales.    11 inches round and 8 inches high.  What a great room box.  The front is cut out.  Just enough room for a peek hole.   I still haven't put my NAME Convention items in anything from Indiana.  The theme was Family Reunion.  A lot of the items are picnic related.  Since I found 2 my neighbor and I apparently have a new Project to work on.  I thought a picnic around the 4th of July with fire crackers and red white and blue decorations. 

They are well made baskets, not marked, they would also be great for a underground scene, like mice, and putting a cover on top a above ground scene going on at the same time.  An Easter bunny scene underneath and a flower arrangement on top.   I have seen these before but the price was not right.   Perhaps it is something you can be on the look out for and use in a project .  I took these at $1.00 each.

A web site  I really like is called Pinterest.  If you have not visited it yet you need to check it out.  So many creative people around the world.  Pictures, recipes, gardens, clothes, hair, nail ideas, miniatures and inspiration.  There is a section on posters and pictures, which I have printed out or saved many of those for mini use.  There are a lot of mini people posting their pictures of miniatures and projects. If something is to your liking you pin it into a board of your own.  When you want to reference back you just go to your board and click it.  It will take you to the web site, newsletter, or where ever it came from originally.   When someone likes or repins your items pininterest e mails you.   I have all my miniatures posted  on there, and people can follow you when you post something new.  It is a great site and one of the fastest growing ones too.

Another website that is for creative people, about a billion people follow this one, Martha Stewart featured it on her show.  For creative people to buy and sell.  Lots of miniatures on this one. Select by entering what you are looking for and it takes you right to it. It is not like E Bay where you put in bids, but what you see is what you get and the price is posted.  It is sort of like little stores online, and most of the selling price goes to the seller.  A lot of Fimo min food artists sell on this site.  Miniature furniture, dolls, and other mini objects are on there.   Check it out, you will be amazed at the inspiration you receive.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE that basket. And for a dollar!!

    Now I am on the hunt to find some! I can't wait to see what you do with it. Forth of July sounds like a great project.
    Ideas are jumping out of my head. LOL