Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trash to treasure-Walgreens face creme cakes

Completed cakes from Walgreen's Face Serum lids- click on picture for detail

50th Anniversary cake

Wedding Cake

4th of July Cake

Here are 3 cakes made from the Walgreen Face Serum Lids.  I tried all kinds of icing, and trust me the only thing that is worth using is just plain old Gesso.  Use about 3 coats and let dry in between coats.  Using a 1/4 paint brush works best.  I started using a miniature knife, Spackle, paint, clay.  The gesso works best especially if it is really thick.  Available at any art department, artists use to prime their canvas.

  The Wedding cake has around each layer a fine thin lace that I glued on and then painted over with a thin coat of white puffy paint.  The lace details still show thru on the lace..  The roses are made of  Pink Fimo with a little transparent mixed in.  This was run thru very thin on the pasta machine and wound around a tooth pick using tweezers to pull the petals down.  The leaves are cut using an exacto knife and running a vein in the center.  Before gluing the roses on I topped the cake with a clear sparkle bunka that has been pulled thin.  It looks like spun sugar on top. Then glue on the roses, rose buds and leaves.

The 4th of July cake is Gesso and the red, white and blue ribbon is a trim I had.  Glue around each round of cake.  The tiny stars are scrap book brads glued onto the trim.  The top I used a silver bunka, stretched out and mounded in the center.  Uncle Sam was from a Charm bracelet I got last year at Dollar Tree or Joanne Fabrics.  The flags are from Jolee's Scrapbook found at Joanne Fabrics.  They were so tiny and on a string for a banner.  I took them off and slid  onto straight pins and attached to the icing while still wet.

The 50th Anniversary cake is gold themed.  I painted with gesso, and glued on a tiny heart lace with the bottom points going up.  A thin coat of gesso was painted over the lace and while still wet, I sprinkled gold hole less beads all over.  If I make another with the hearts I will just put glue in the center of the heart and then sprinkle with the beads just in the center.  The top is gold bunka, stretched out and bunched on the top of the cake.  On this one I left the tube coming out the top for height.
A jewel find center the 3 bell beads around the top that I painted gold and glued around.

The bases the cakes are centered on are from Wilton cake Decorating found at Joanne Fabrics.  They are the shortest pillars
and come 5 to a pack.  I made wood squares look like marble and glued on top and the bottom.  These are great or statues, cakes vases or plants.

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