Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Trash to Treasure

A face cream Wedding cake?

Enamel trays from earrings?

A few trash to treasure items I found while I was thinking small.  A set of nasty 1980 earrings looked like trays to me.  I will cut off the backs and use them for breakfast trays.  .25 cents was a great buy.  I can't believe we wore these things, and worse.

The top picture is of  a lotion dispenser that comes from a lotion  Walgreen's carries that is a take off of Oil Of Olay Face Serum.  Walgreen's serum 1/2 the price of the other and works just as great. Makes your face smooth as a babys backside and no wrinkles.   As I was throwing away the top I noticed I was throwing  a 3 tier Wedding cake in the trash.. It takes a little muscle and a pair of pliers to take out the tube because there is a spring inside.  The results are well worth it.   The spring is nice too, but nothing comes to mind on that one.  The tube end looks like a beer bottle but I crushed it with the pliers.  Perhaps if I used a saw it could become a bottle, it would even have a perfect hole on the end.  The top of the dispenser  that you push looks like a bike seat.

The cake will be painted with paint or gesso, or I will use Fimo made to look like fondant.  Tiny roses made from Fimo and baked in the oven.  The lid is hard plastic and I don't think it will melt at 250 degrees, but I will try before putting all that work into it.   Carl Bronson taught a class on how to make a icing bag from paper in miniature.  I look forward to making these and sharing the results.  I have a bride and groom for the top from a  wedding swap I participated in.  Just as I get on a roll with these, Walgreens will probably change their design on the bottle!

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  1. Amazing visions for these items. I've said it before, I'll say it again, this is why I love miniature artists... you see things that just aren't there yet... but then make them happen!