Monday, May 28, 2012

Tutorial-Halloween coffin from eyeglass case

Materials you will need to make  eyeglass coffin-plastic skeleton, cheesecloth, tea bag, eyeglass case with a hinged back, crackle medium, white paint, glue, 4 chess pieces or dowels for legs, black satin or black rubber no skid mat for chair and drawer lining, trim to finish off raw edges, black bunka or

Paint the eyeglass case with crackle medium.  Outside only.  The color of the case will be the crackle color.  If it is not a great color paint black first.  Let crackle dry.  Then paint with white paint in a smooth one direction stoke.  Crackle starts right away.  Let dry over a paint bottle

Apply glue to the inside of the eyeglass case.  Line with drawer liner or other material.  Push and fill into all corners.  Let dry and trim off excess material.  Cover all around raw edges with bunka or other trim
Trim off chess pieces or dowels to make legs .  Apply with glue to bottom.  Tea dye long strips of the cheese cloth.  Put tea bags in hot water and soak the cheese cloth in for about 15 minutes.   Wring out with your hands and let dry naturally.  It will have blotches of color that way.  Cut in strips about 1 inch wide.  Wrap the plastic skeleton in the cheese cloth and glue the ends.

A finished room box using the above tutorial eyeglass coffin

These eyeglass cases can be found at any Dollar type store for 1.00.  I have found them at thrift stores for .25cents. They may be used but your only going to paint them and make them into something else.  Garage sales usually have these in the free box.    The above room box I will blog on another day.  I made this as a gift for a former boyfriend of my daughter.

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