Thursday, May 24, 2012

An unexpected surprise !!!

I had an unexpected surprise today across the yard from my house.  The dogs were playing with this new born fawn.  It was still shakey on its legs, so it must be only a day or so old.  I have a field across from my house that has a ditch that runs next to my drive.    The mother must have thought this was a great place to hide her baby in the weeds, next to water.  It was not much bigger than the Chiwawa that my daughter brought home.

I took a staycation this week.  Its a vacation that you stay at home.  Lots of yard work, painting, planting, and getting the porches ready for summer relaxing.  I have to admit even though it is the country it is not quiet..  We have a donkey across the street that is very vocal when it sees you.  He is talking all the time.  The farmers all around are planting and plowing the fields.  My neighbor planted mine with soy beans last week, and this week I awake to the sound of wild turkeys.  Such curious creatures all over the fields picking up the beans out of the holes.  My daughter has a Cockitiel that talks and sings all the time.  Now that the windows are open the wild birds outside are mocking the bird inside.  Who's teaching who?

The chickens are glad to see me everyday and be outside in the pen.  I mix up special treats for them to pick at all day, and of course lets not forget the quacking duck who loves his own kiddie pool of water.

And last but not least, the dogs are happy to be outside during the day supervising whatever I am doing.  Carting off my tools, gloves and weeds and sticks, making yet more work for me.  What is life without play.  At the end of the day, I brush off the dirt, and go play with my miniatures, dogs at my feet and the bird singing all my favorite tunes.  I love when he talks to me.  He wolf whistles and lets me know I am a pretty bird. And on that note   I know life will be OK.

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