Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vintage Labels

I recently started organizing my picture files and came across these labels I copied from a free printie site.  I do not know who to credit for them, but thought they were very nice.   Saved to a picture or paint program they can be reduced even more.  Wrapped around a bottle they are quite right.   If you right click on the picture above they can be saved to your picture program.

For bottles I use the light brite pegs found at garage sales.  Toys R Us sells replacement kits at a small price.  Every color of the rainbow.  You can also use drinking straws made from sturdy plastic.  I found some at Deals or Dollar Tree.  Heavy plastic just like in the plastic see thru  drinking cups in every color.  I used a saw to cut them and topped them off with a fancy bead.

Sometimes clear tall beads with a large hole can be found that look like a clear jar. I use clear round pony beads for baby food jars and use a brad from scrap booking for the lid.

American Scientific (google them) has an online presence and a hard copy catalog.  They sell small bottles less than 1 inch.  I like to use these for bottles in Halloween scenes or canning jars.    They also have a lot of other unusual things.  They buy in large lots so the prices are cheap.  I once found the wire wicker pieces there.  Also a miniature garden scene with a brick wall and brick patio.   They carry a lot of unusual tools that miniaturist can use.

Another online and hard copy catalog of the somewhat bizarre and unusual-I found this store while in Seattle at the NAME Convention.  Archie McFees.   A fun web site and hard copy catalog that you will look at over and over.  They have chickens less than an inch that look like the ones hanging up in a meat market.  You have to buy a gross, but they would be easy to sell or share with others.  It is part of a chicken gun, and these tiny chickens are the bullets.    I use these tiny chickens in kitchens on the table ready to in the stove, hanging up in a meat market.  These were in our tote bag favors and I had to find out where they came from.  Lucky me, I was there already!

If you know someone that uses insulin, those bottles are pretty interesting, as well as the cases they come in.  Looks like a wine shelf.  Pet shots come in a neat little bottle if you know a vet that would share those with you when empty.  It does not hurt to ask.  The least they could say is no, but more than likely they would be happy to  share.  Remember, recycle, reuse.

I have a catalog that I have used a lot of the pictures for posters in a doctors office.  They have an online catalog, but the paper one is just the right size.  Of course this would be for personal use and not for resale.    Anatomical Chart Company   web site is LWW.com/Anatomical     The pictures are very colorful and the charts are accurate on the body parts.  A doctors office would be nice, a book  and poster store, college room, or maybe a Vampires doctor office?     Check this out I'm sure you can find other uses for this catalog contents. 

 When in Chicago last year I saw the body exhibit at the Center of Science and Industry.  They take real people after passing and somehow preserve them, like freeze drying.  Then slice them.  In so doing, you can see a cancer, pace maker, all kind of diseases and the effects it has on the body.  What an athletes body looks like compared to an obese person.    Gross? I  thought it would  be, but it was very interesting and mind boggling.  Even the blood vessels and nerves were shown.  The human body is very unique.  And of course I got a whole lot of ideas involving those Halloween skeletons found at Dollar Tree. 

Inspiration is all around us.  You never know when it will hit you.  I will probably never get the oportunity to finish all the ideas that keep swirling around in my head in this life.  I keep writing down all the ideas and will try my very best to complete as many as I can.  The creative process is truly a gift from God and I am glad I have been chosen. 

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