Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baby Buggy remake from Dollar Tree

A baby shower nut cup found at Dollar Tree

Remake of Dollar Tree Nut cut

The Dollar Tree  had these small plastic baby carriages for nut cups for baby showers.  They come in pink and blue as shown by the pink one.  They are very cute, 6 to a pack.  I thought they would be cute for a baby carriage for a little girl.  2 1/4 x 2 inches is the size.

I began by cutting of nibs of plastic with an exacto knife.  Next  paint all the plastic with  two coats of gesso.  If you do not do this the white paint will never completely cover the pink or blue plastic.
After gesso is dry coat all the buggy wicker portion with white paint, doing 2  coats and drying inbetween each coat.

  Paint all the wheels and handles paint black or brown.  The spokes are cute they are hearts.  Next  coat with a clear coat acrylic spray and let dry.

Thin down brown paint to a  inky thinness and do a small section at a time.  Paint on the thin brown all over the wicker and then quickly with a Kleenex or face tissue gently wipe off leaving the grooves with the brown in it.   After the brown paint is dry, if you think it looks a little dark, take a brush and load with white paint and wipe off most of it on a paper towel.  This is dry brushing.  Gently brush over the wicker to re highlight just the top of the wicker.  This will make the dark grooves pop.    A spray of the acrylic clear spray and you are done. 

I filled the inside with pink cotton.  The tiny baby's are from Hobby Lobby in the baby shower section.

Unless you have a clever bird that likes to pick the beads off you shirt, you will have to find flat back
gold rind stones for the wheel covers and the latch on the carriage hood at the craft store.  Or you can punch a round circle with a small hand punch from gold or silver paper.  Beads would also work. 


  1. CUUUTE!!! good job! love the wheels makeover!

  2. Very nice. I like the "gold detailing."