Saturday, June 9, 2012

Breakfast in Bed

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My Saturday night Marathon has continued this week.  I decided that it does not do any good to have kits if you don't remember what you have.  There is nothing more frustrating than to finish a project and then find later you all ready had something that could have been used in kit form.

That's my goal to finish all the unfinished projects in kit form.  I have many kits that others have given up on.  I have purchased them at garage sales at the NAME Conventions.  Perhaps it was a duplicate or just abandoned by the giver.  The above bed tray is a wonderful addition to my collection.  It was a kit, great instructions, no one to give credit to.  The Plain Dealer could be a clue to maybe a Cleveland Ohio club.  Perhaps a club project.  It consists of base pieces with markings to be drilled all around.  Toothpicks are included and are to be sawn down to 7/8 inch.  Glue into holes and  attach onto top which has a board center and thin pieces glued to the sides to  allow pockets and for the toothpicks to attach to..  I had a little problem attaching the toothpicks to the top.  It is hard to stabilize that many toothpicks to a skinny board.   I had to use trim to hide the imperfections on top.  I wove dental floss together to give the bottom a finished edge.  I then painted all with gesso, sanded and painted with white paint.

The food on the table was a class I took in Indiana at a NAME Convention.  It is all fimo made food.  Glass stain is the syrup on the waffle and resin in the cup for tea.  Glass stain could also be used for the tea, several applications might be necessary as it shrinks when dry.
The juice glass is an orange hard plastic straw that has orange glass stain for orange juice.

The  Red White and Blue bird house pole was also a kit, no name on it.  Perhaps another club project.  It was very easy to put together.  The base is a square piece of wood, nailed onto that is a staircase baluster with just a snip of the top cut off to accommodate the rectangle piece of wood glued onto that.  The bird houses are scrap pieces of wood cut into bird house looking pieces with holes drilled for the bird to go into.  I added sequin pins for the posts, for the birds to stand on.  I choose red, white, and blue for a July 4th picnic scene I am going to do. This would be a very easy project for a club to do.  However the kit preparer would have some time putting this altogether.

On the note of easy kits to put together.  I  used to instruct in a club.  To come up with a project that everyone can do in an evening is very difficult.  There are many different stages of miniaturists. Some have it together in no time.  Others do it with difficulty and take it home.  However easy a kit seems to be, someone has put a lot of time into putting that kit together.  First is coming up with the idea.  Next the instructions need to be prepared and printed off.  Then comes purchasing the items necessary for the kits, not often easy to find all items needed at one place.  It becomes a mission, sometimes all day to locate everything, and often going online to purchase.   Next is the assembling the kits.  Often no volunteers for this one, or too many cooks in the pot so to speak.  My experience is chatting groups of people often make for missing items in the kits.  So usually I choose to put them together in assembly line production and then check , check and check again.  Always take extras, and whatever pieces and parts, take along to insure everyone has all their pieces and parts.  Always someone finds those pieces and parts missing from the kit, only later to find it on the floor or attached to their sweater or nose.    Please say THANK YOU  to the people that prepare the kits!   It really is a Thankless Job.

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