Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cement Block Tropical Paradise

click on pictures for close up details

In addition to miniatures I love to paint murals.  I have told people I can paint anything if it sits still long enough.   The above pictures are murals I painted in a womens rest room where I work.  The walls were cement block.  I painted a coat of creme colored paint to brighten up the room and then proceded to paint a tropical paradise on the walls.  The windows with palm trees are in the stalls.  This opened up a very small space and they seem larger.  The windows with birds are all down the long walls and where you walk in.  The lattice work on the wall next to the sink has salmon colored roses all over the white lattice work.  The area where there is seating is painted like a beach.  I extended the beach out onto the coffee table.  The chairs are metal and I painted them a creme antique crackle color.  I then reupholstered them in a sea mint green color.  The inspiration came from the floor tile that are tiny squares with all the colors I used in them for a tropical paradise.

I painted this room on my lunch hours during a long snowy winter.  Not to many places to go on lunch hour in the area where I work.

I started this project with no idea of what to do.  However, just as in mini's, starting is the first step.  The rest will come to you as you go.  I enjoy the mini tropical break everyday.

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  1. I would LOVE to have this in my house! Tropical breaks are the perfect way to relax. :D