Saturday, June 23, 2012

Its a Miracle! Dollhouse takes me out of traffic Jam

A Dollhouse with a possibility

A dog with a possibility, Almost as big as the dollhouse-Miss Feloney

Today turned into one of those days titled "You can't have a good day everyday".
Not only for me but for a lot of other people as well.  I have never saw so many ambulances and accidents as I did today.  I decided to splurge and go thru the car wash.  My first stop I looked it over and there was grease all over the back.  They must have just greased the brushes before I came.  I even splurged and tipped the  hand towel dry people that overlooked that grease.   I spent a half hour cleaning that up.  A quick haircut turned into a 2 hour wait.  I entertained myself watching the accident clean up out front.  I am not  a clothes shopper until I absolutely have to.  Today not a shoe or piece of clothes in the style I wanted in my size  . All I accomplished was to see what everyone else was wearing in their size.  The weather was hot, people were grouchy and I just decided to call it a day. I was more depressed after going out than if I would have just stayed home.  Well God and his tender Mercy knew I needed a quick pick me up and  another traffic jam was created for my benefit.   Everyone was at a complete standstill.   I looked over and saw this dollhouse calling me!  Oh my goodness!   Lucky no traffic was coming and I flew my car over into the driveway across the street.  A great dollhouse with a little wear for $20.00!  Now the biggest obstacle was the 20.00.  I just came from shopping.  A quick clean out of everything in the car turned up 10.00.   The glove box turned up a roll of  quarters reserved for hand car washes.   Thank the Lord for small miracles!  The lady said it was from a kit.   She pointed out it had some flaws, but in her eyes the flaws were not the tacky real carpet samples, real linoleum from her kitchen and contact paper floors.  It was a spindle that had come loose and needed re glued.   I can see a Halloween house out of this one.  I love to remodel and this will provide me lots of entertainment this winter.  What a true joy that was to find.  I was not even upset that my drive thru food fell out of the bag and onto the floor when I speed  out of traffic into the drive across the street.  Who needs to eat at a time like this.  My mini sole has been fed!

I am thankful for Gods tender Mercy's in my life.  I am also thankful for spell check, without it you would not be able to discern what I am talking about in this de-lightfil,   butiful, blag!   ( Delightful Beautiful. Blog! )   Ha,ha!!


  1. I'm so glad you are ok. The dollhouse is a Petite Dreams Victorian. It's basically a reversed Real Good Toys Allison. I have one, too. Have fun!

  2. Thanks for the info De, I think I will clean it up and use as an end table, because of the flat top, and my Grandson can also play with it when he comes. It is super sturdy.