Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Garden rest stop

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This is the last of the painting  of the murals at the place I work.  It is a hallway and very small public restroom for women.  The mens restroom is  next door and it gets bypassed for this one.  I did it as a garden oasis.  It is so small I  did not get a lot of pictures of it.  Above the door is a cat with his tail hangin down and right beside it are mice having a tea party with an apple tea set.  It is a 1/12 scale tea set sitting on the door frame.

The doors are steel and I painted one to look like lattice with roses on it.  The other I made to look like a victorian screen door, with all the fancy trim.   The inside door that closes in the garden rest room I painted a pair of boots , a watering can and a rabbit.  Hanging from the hooks are a real hat and a painted garden shirt and gloves. There are garden tools hangin from hooks as well.  There are 2 square posts holding the roof up on this entrance and I made them look like Victorian pillars with fancy plaster work on them. 

The man on the bench is the original owner of the business and he liked Dalmations and raised horses.  He also always had a newspaper under his arm and wore neck ties.  An interesting thing about this Dalmation is his black nose is the rubber stopper for the door not to hit the wall.   I worked that into the sceme of the painting.  Since I do not do a great job of faces, I took his picture to Kinkos and had them blow it up to the size I needed then mounted it onto foam board and cut it out and glued to the wall.   The cement block were painted white and I painted a few red brick here and there to seem like the plaster was coming off.  A grape arbor is growing all around the top of the entry way with lots of grapes.  This is in the small hallway.

I enjoyed painting and could have gone on to other areas.  But as everything has its season, winter was over both in the weather and in  my  life.  It was time to move on to other things.

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  1. I love that wall! Has the gentleman been able to see himself?
    Now, I am thinking about doing something to my basement doors. But that is about 1 million on the list of ideas I have. LOL
    Great work!