Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mary Jane's Farm Office click picture for details

If you can not see what the sign says after clicking:  This is your life-Do what you love and do  it often-Stop over analyzing-Life is short-Live your dream and share your passion-Dont worry everything is going to be absolutely fabulous!!

I like the sign in this picture.  This is the office of Mary Jane Butters.  She is the editor and creator of Mary Jane's Farm. I use it for inspiration, beautiful pictures, recipes, vintage style and holistic lifestyle.
It is a monthly magazine, and next to miniatures I enjoy it very

Most people are afraid of failure.  Because of this fear they never try to venture into new areas..  I ask people if they would like to learn miniatures and they always say I could never do that!  Chances are they don't go outside the box very often.

I am the first to admit failure hurts, but if you never try, you can never feel successful.  You cannot grow as a creative being.   I have had many failures in my life but have rebounded from them.  The end may not have been what I started out with, but I learned about myself as an individual and most times what I did wrong.

All things we learn in our lives can be used in our  own miniatures worlds.  Most often I attempt in any given area  to learn how it is done so I can attempt it in miniature.  I have to admit a couple of failures here, still don't know what went wrong, after failing so miserably, I don't care.

Knitting:  I have paid for knitting classes 3 times, have been successful in class, as soon as I walk out--Nada--its gone!  I must be working on the wrong side of the brain because  the person facing me is doing the opposite of what I am doing.  I even went to a knitting club at our local library.  Everyone was knitting and chatting away.  Week after week they helped me.  After about 6 weeks I could feel the tension when I walked into the room.  For fear of being stabbed with the knitting needle, I decided to hang knitting on the shelf.  I did find mini knitting needles, lovely threads in every color and 2 wonderful books.  Mini Knits for the 1/12 Dolls House  Linda Spratley and  Dolls House Needle crafts   by Venus Dodge.  I got them both off EBAY.  Maybe when I retire!

Pottery:  I blogged about this on another month.  I failed in the large size, but in the mini I was a success.

Weaving on a loom:  This past winter I decided to try weaving at an art school about 1 hour away.  A long drive but the towns on the way are lovely areas.  I was so excited only 2 people to a class.  I got the required items needed, took detailed pictures so when I made my mini loom I had pictures to refer to.  First day I choose beautiful combos of thread, learned to wind them, and start to thread on the large floor loom.   The teacher said to have the threading on the loom done by next class.  I did not know it required another person to help do this.  To accommodate every ones hours she gave us the combination to the building.  Any time at night, just go in and lock the doors on the way out!!  I thought it was just a thought in my head, but my mouth was moving and noise was coming out,  Are You kidding Me!!!  Not having a large people pool to choose from my daughter won out.  I promised supper on the way home.  To make a long story short I wound up with a pile of knots and bunched up thread all over the floor.  How did this happen?  We locked the door, threw away the combination, E-mailed the teacher  I would not be back and to consider my class fee a donation.  I had a lot of comfort food and chocolate for supper that night.   From this I learned that those who have mastered this craft are truly talented and deserve every penny they ask for that talent.    I will perhaps try this on a mini loom the next time.  The knots won't be as big.

Love, Learn, Succeed, Fail, Its your life and only you can live it!  It is not the destination that counts but the journey getting there!  Enjoy the ride!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Karen,

    I really love your approach to and attitude about life. It is what I am trying to work on in my life and miniatures right now. I have tried to teach myself to crochet (it was a learn it yourself kind of thing no class or real person) and that didn't go so well but my husband was picking it up in no time! LOL! Go figure, right? Anyway I really had to share a comment because you remind me of my self. I want to learn to knit and well anything so I can convert it to miniature. I also want to write my own blog as well. Do you have any tips? You can email me at daydreamsus&

  2. Oops. I mean Also thank you for sharing your beautiful blog and miniatures!