Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nancy Cronin Doll class

This doll was made from a kit made from Nancy Cronin.  She makes and sells dolls at shows.  I like her dolls because of the sense of humor they all portray.    I know how to make porcelain dolls and thought I knew all about dressing them.  After taking this class, I knew so much more I didn't know.  Pleather was used for the little pointed shoes.  Black nylon stockings were used for the bodice on the dress as well as the covering on the hat.  The stockings were grey, but could be any color.  They were nylon or baby stockings.  The trick is to use Fabric Tack, a quick drying glue.  No sewing on this one.  It is so much quicker, no bulky seams.  The hair was coconut fiber.  Very soft and lovely blonde color.  I enjoyed the class, as well as the stories we all told of our lives and experiences.

In April there are 3 big miniature shows in Chicago, the largest being the Tom Bishop International.  They are all taking place the same weekend.

Never having been there or to Chicago, I planned a vacation around the miniature shows.  It was a great vacation centered around  miniatures.   My daughter decided to go with me.  We flew up on an early flight and got to the hotel in time for the Continental breakfast.  The Hotel we stayed at was on Ohio Street, one block away from the subway entrance and bus pickups.  Also within a short walking distance of Michigan Ave, the Shopping Mile.  We walked were we could and used the subways everyday.
Very clean and efficient way to go from one end of town to another.  The subway attendants are very cordial and willing to help you get from here to there.  This was my first experience with the subways.  A three day pass lets you use the subways or buses unlimited times, with just a swipe of a card.  The subway will take you to both airports with only 1 transfer.  I wish I would have know this before I hired a cab.  $1.00 vs 25.00.  Next time I will pack a lighter suitcase and take the subway.  The cab in the morning wanted to pick up as many people as possible at different Hotels  I don't like to rush to get anywhere.

I wanted to see the Thorne Rooms at the Art Museum and also pick up any books related to miniatures.    Great gift shop at the Art Museum.   Across the street is the Architectural Museum and gift shop.  This is where you pick up the tours.  A lot of history in Chicago.  We got to see President Obama's home near the college campus where he was a professor.

The Chicago Science and Industry houses the Colleen Moore Doll House.  A must see!  The average house today would not be able to house it.  What a wonderful time she must have had collecting all the treasures it has in it from all over the world.  Colleen Moore was a famous, beautiful Actress in silent films.

We enjoyed High Tea at the Waldorf Hotel, just like in the 1920's where people  went to be seen.  The service was great and the experience of it once in a lifetime.

The Doll class was on Friday and the shows on Saturday.  It was a full day of wonderful Miniatures.  I bought many books from a dealer for 50 cents.  In my zeal I did not anticipate the weight and the suitcases.  I took 2, one almost empty to take my mini treasures home.  We  flew an airline  that the bags are free, unless you are 1 pound over and then it is 50.00  My bag was 1 pound under the limit.  That could have been some expensive books.!

A couple of books I got that were interesting and perhaps available on line or at the library:

The Sixty Eight Rooms-Marianne Malone -Unlock the Magic of the Thorne Rooms.    This is a fiction book centered around a mystery of two children who shrink down and visit the inside of the Thorne Rooms.

The Thorne Rooms-  Pictures of the Thorne Rooms that  are in the Art Museum.  Full color pictures and large enough to see the details.  Its a good thing I got this because my camera did not a good job because of the glass covers.

The Devil in the White City -Erik Larson    Murder, Magic, and madness at the Fair that changed America.    This is a book about the 1891 Worlds Fair in Chicago.  Based on Historical accounts.  An excellent account of events, and the first Ferris Wheel.  We also got postcards of the actual buildings of this event.  The buildings were all made of white sandstone and marble.  Thus the name the White City.   Who knew such things happened in the Victorian Era.  This book was a National  Book Award Finalist.
The only building left of this event is the Center of Science and Industry.  

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