Saturday, June 9, 2012

Round Table Hoopla

Round table kits NAME Convention

In my quest to finish items in my stash , I have finished the above items from round table kits from NAME Conventions.  For those of you who do not know what a round table  is.  At the NAME Conventions  one of the most exciting evening events are the round tables.  For only about an hour a mad dash of interested party's, $5.00 bills in hand swarm into a room filled with the select chosen who are talented people, who have prepared kits of wonderful things, for us to put together. 
 A sample showcase of these completed items has been on display all week in a viewing area.  Just like Christmas and looking at a catalog.  Everyone has a paper that they  select what they want and then forget it or misplace it when the time comes.  The line up for this event starts early and when the door opens a mad dash around the room to find what is on your paper.  Sometimes there is disappointment when the thing you wanted is all out.  A game plan is to get with others in your group and appoint everyone certain items  for them to select and then everyone is happy because you don't have to go to all the tables yourself.
  I have to admit I don't like crowds and pushing and shoving, but this is just an event not to miss.  It is organized, but stay out of peoples way!  Those elbows and feet can be lethal weapons.  It is not to bad if the room is large, but quite often the room available is not huge.  It is fun to sit with others and look at what they got.  Everyone is usually happy, and if the kit maker runs out they usually take orders .
The top are two hand cut kits of a dry sink and  hutch by Lynne and Phil Joehnk.  Always  well cut and easy to put together.  Instructions are easy and diagrams on everything, as well as diagrams of the exact size of each piece.  This would be nice to keep in case you ever wanted to attempt to cut out  more on your own.  I did not put a finish on these as I do not know where I will be putting them yet.
The Philco radio kit was put together by Cary Yerves.  Wonderful kit with laser accuracy .  I did put a finish on this, do not know where it will be yet.
Sometime the round table kits relate to the theme of the Convention.  2010 theme was Music in My Heart.  A lot of the items related to music.  Seattle Convention was Any thing British.  A lot of food and tea related items.   Laser cutting is the most wonderful invention.  It has made it possible to have many items made at the same time and relatively inexpensively.  The accuracy and details are unbelievable.  I look forward to the future with this technology.

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  1. How adorable. Hope to see you in Charlotte.