Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday Night Mini Kit Marathon

Click on picture for details
Yesterday was a sunny, beautiful outside type day.  I over did myself with mowing, yard work etc.  I always get  physically over tired on days like these and find it hard to sleep that evening.

When it was evening I decided to work on miniatures.  I am at a standpoint with the projects I have started, I need to put them aside for awhile.  Dare I start something new?

With the bird to spur me on by telling me I am pretty and singing all his favorite tunes,  I embark on a new undertaking.  Why not have a Saturday night marathon  by making some of the mini kits and round tables I have been saving for a rainy day?

The above are 2 kits I purchased at a Convention show from  Lisa Engler.  A man and woman's dresser vanity set.  They were very easy to make, every thing is there, laser cut wood and doilies, gloves.  Click on the picture for the incredible details on these kits. 

I also completed 2 round table suitcases by Mustard Seed Miniatures, by Georgia Matuschak and Lori Ann Potts  They came with maps and decals of travel stickers, but I opted to not put them on at the present time.

As I was making these 2 items I decided I was going to do a shadowbox of a man, women, girl boy and baby.  One box for each, they would contain clothes, underclothes night gowns and appropriate grooming items for each.  On The base of the box would be a suitcase, and a dresser and maybe a travel trunk. The back of the box would be the clothes hanging up.  These shadow boxes   would hang on the wall and take no space whatsoever on the floor or other areas of the house.  I used these shadow boxes for the doors and windows of Provence on an earlier blog.  They are available at Michael's crafts.

Also from Mustard Seed Miniatures I did 2 round table shoe boxes with ladies shoes in them

I made a lovely wood water bench, that was a kit found at the garage sale.  I checked the Company no longer exists, so I won't mention it.

Next I made a T shirt from the Family Reunion Name 2009

A quilt rack was a round table by Drue Conrad.  No address was listed on the instructions.  It was laser cut and will be a very nice addition for the quilts I learned to make this past year.

A miniature carved laser cut trunk will be perfect for my ladies dresser for hankies or other treasures.  It is reminiscence of the one my mother used to have on her dresser.  Michelle's Miniatures was the maker of this round table. 

So I went to bed with the satisfaction I had accomplished something today, feeling beautiful from the compliments from my bird friend and humming the tune from the Adams Family and Andy Griffith  that I heard in my ear all evening.  It does not get any better than this!

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