Friday, June 1, 2012

Shabby chic cold frame house, bee skep and feeder

Shabby Chic cold frame house for garden click on picture for details

Bee skep made from plastic hat and dental floss

A bird feeder or Hummingbird feeder
When I was growing up in the early spring we had our plants started in cold frames outside.  They were old windows over a cement block  box with manure underneath to keep the ground warm. In the sun the window was propped open for the sun and fresh air in the day, and closed to stay cozy at night.  French doors were also used in the same way, because they are full of panes for light.  There were always lots of these to be found because Victorian was out!

The above little house is a cold frame for the dollhouse garden.  In our area right now, these little greenhouse cold frames are really popular in regular size gardens.  They cost about 65.00 each out of old, rickety windows that people throw away..  So I get my inspiration from the large size ones and make them from mini windows, not so old  but made to look old.  The total size is 4 3/4 high and  3 1/4 x 2 3/4 on the bottom.

To make one you will need  6- 2-3/4 inch mini windows which are square.  Glue 4  windows together in a square and let dry.  When dry take 2 remaining windows  and make a peak on top of the box, overlapping .  Glue and let dry.   When dry on the top peak glue bottom onto the square box.  You might have to sand to get it to fit.  The peak portion on either side I used 1 picket from a picket fence to fill in the triangle gap.  A scrap piece of wood would also work.   That's it.  I painted all with gesso and let dry and then sanded off some of the gesso in areas that age with an emery board  to make it look rustic.    I did not put the clear plastic for window panes  into the frame because of taking the picture.  The clear plastic windows are cut from the packaging the window frames come in.  It would be wise to fit the clear plastic for windows before doing any gluing of the wood.  However do not put clear windows in until after painting, but before gluing the box together.  This little cold frame could be made in any size they make windows for.  1/2 scale or smaller would be cute for a mini indoor greenhouse on a table in the house or room box. 

The next  quick  project is a bee skep.  This is made for the bees in the old days, and just for  looks for the time we live now.  You will need waxed dental floss and a 1 inch on the bottom plastic top hat.  A small plastic grape from a cluster of grapes  that when cut in half fits on the top of the hat  Smear on Glue to the hat sides and start wrapping the dental floss bottom around to the tip of hat. Glue 1/2 of the plastic grape on top of the hat.  Continue wrapping the grape with dental floss until filled in.  Braid a small bit of 3 pieces of floss together and make a small 1/2 circle of the braid, glued on top for a handle.  Let dry and paint a basket gold color.  Paint a black hole on the front so the bees can go in.  Around the base of the hat glue green moss and colored floral foam to resemble flowers.  These are quick and easy and look great on a garden bench.  If  you are real detailed, a few bees could be made from beads and glued onto clear fishing line.  It would look like a bee coming in for a landing.

The last picture is a jewel find, called a metal pendant kit with fill able tube.  Mine is from Pat Catans, but I have saw them at Michael's.  They come apart and can be filled with anything that is small.  Fill with bird seed for a mini bird feeder.  You could use poppy seed, or mustard seed for the bird seed.  Or paint the inside with red glass paint and you have a hummingbird feeder.  All you have to do is come up with a stand to hold it up. 

Three quick and easy projects just for your garden. 

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