Sunday, June 10, 2012

Six Year old does minis

Carters miniature shell boxes

I had the pleasure of having my Grandson Carter visit this weekend.  It was a lovely weekend, lots of sun and time outside, but in the heat of the day we came inside and worked on miniatures.  He loves to go thru my stashes and look at miniatures.  On a recent trip to Florida he found some tiny, tiny shells and brought them home for a project.  I had these small hat boxes 1 x 1=1/2" and lined the bottoms with foamie sheets.  He found the smallest shells and a sharks tooth that he could find and the above is what he came up with.  He loves using tweezers and glue.  I have taught him to use a tooth pick and dot the glue on so as not to have a bunch of glue mess.  We plan on doing bug boxes, and butterfly boxes the next visit.  We will use butterfly stickers and sequin pins for that. 
we plan on making a room box with all these things inside.  An aquarium out of a tick tack box will be included.  I found some stickers of sea animals for the walls I think he will like, and a Florida sticker, with flip flops, fishing net, snorkel and life jacket.  The scrapbook store always has things to fill in the corners.  He brought back some of the sand as well, I might apply glue on the wall and apply the sand onto it.  He will have something each time to look forward to when he comes until we finish the box. 

We made chocolate chip cookies, his favorite, and had a good time looking for wild strawberries to feed the chickens.  I told him yesterday that at the crack of dawn we would go out, before the birds ate them all.  6:am he is awake and wants to go look for strawberries.  A tad bit early, but I promised.  We found about a half cup of the little jewels and then hand fed them to the chickens who ate them with relish.  A watermelon rind was their treat yesterday and they ate every bit of it.  They were red and sticky chested last night but they were very contented and I had no trouble getting them into the pen. 

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  1. These are adorable! Your little grandson is so talented!