Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Transform light bulb package into rusty tin roof

A normal Sylvania 40 watt light bulb package

Cut in two and turned over. You can paint in one piece or cut in smaller sections like I did

First coat of paint is acrylic gray or silver.  I prefer a silver paint.  Any brand of acrylic paint will work.  Allow to dry

Next coat of paint is a brown color.  Dip brush into paint and then wipe most of it off.  Dry brush onto the silver getting into the grooves.   Do not paint solid, just enough to get the look of rust.   Allow to dry

Dry brush on a turquoise color paint.  This will be oxidation of the tin.  Do not paint solid on this, just at random.

Click on pictures for details of the color.  This is the finished sample of tin roofing.  When completely dry it becomes stiff, but still flexible.  A coat of clear acrylic spray fix can be added for extra stiffness after you have put on the project.  I am using this on a chicken coop.  I have blogged about a chicken coop in another month and used this roofing on it.  My next blog will be a trash can made from this roofing and a container used  from Diabetes test strips.  Other colors can be dry brushed on top of this but allow to dry between coats.  Paint thinned down and applied onto a toothbrush and using your finger to spatter onto roof can be an another effect of rusting nails spots.  Another use for this could be a diner, old car garage, a wall in a contemporary house or apartment.

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  1. Great tutorial! I may try this in my coffee shop?
    Thanks for sharing!