Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wild life preserve on staircase and landing

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As I said in a previous blog, I love to paint murals in addition to miniatures.  This set of pictures I did on a staircase and landing at the place I work.  This area is a well traveled staircase from the warehouse up to the offices.  I painted it one particularly long winter when the snow never left the ground for about 6 months.  I painted on my lunch hour and 2 hours in the morning.  The truck drivers came in at 6 to open and get loaded for the day, and I came in to paint.  At that time 4 AM seemed to be my body's time to get up.  It was a great way to start the day.  I used all acrylic paint and drew everything on free hand.  I sometimes did some research for a picture of what I wanted to draw, but it was only a visual tool.   I love animals in nature and  used the spaces for the groupings I made.  The railing going up the steps has roses growing behind them.  It was a challenge, but that never stopped me before.  Someone asked me why all the animals  had smiles on their faces.

The walls were smooth dry wall but just plain white.  I painted a stone wall at the end of the staircase.  The metal poles hold the building up  were painted to look like standing trees.  I painted to look like bark with knot holes and owls looking out.

I was glad I had the opportunity to use these walls as a canvas.  With out it I would have never known I could do this.

I once painted a wall at a church I went to, I did not get a picture.  It was Noah and his ark with two of every kind of animal.  I painted it realistic yet the animals had funny faces on them.  The front and center were monkeys hanging with their lips puckered up in a kiss, so the children in the nursery could kiss them.  If you step out in faith, the rest will come to you.


  1. Not only do I like your work, but your spiritual beliefs as well.

  2. This is wonderful! I love your comment about stepping out in faith too. A timely message for me right now! Thank you for sharing!