Sunday, July 1, 2012

Barbecue Grill from Champagne nut cups

Click on all pictures to enlarge for details
What would a barbecue be without a grill?  These are easy and quick and would be a great class for a mini club.  It takes 2 mini plastic champagne glasses found at the Dollar Store.  They come in white, clear, silver and gold.  The picture above has a white and silver one.  I turned one on top of the other so you can see them compared to the finished ones.  The top lid stem has to be sniped off to a snub which then can be painted or a red bead added to it.  Clean any excess plastic seams of and sand lightly.  Black flat spray paint the whole thing.  I glued the lid to the back to stay open but a hinge from cardboard could be made and glued to the inside of the grill.  Next is the charcoals.  Fimo black and painted with grey sploches.  Or small pieces of styrofoam painted grey.  Use a lot so it shows threw.  Then coat a layer of glue on all and throw on some red glitter.  After the grill portion is on it still shows as red coals not as glitter.  I used the white canvas that you sew yarn in for crafts and cut to fit the circle of the inside of the grill.  It has yet to have a coat of silver paint on it.  The other grill was made as a table gift at a Convention and the lady cut small pieces of wire and glued them together to make a grill.  These can be finished with wood handles, a table built out to the side for the food , red beads on the lid, a snap for the pressure gauge.  They are very cute when done.  The food can be made of Fimo, hotdogs, steaks, hamburgers, and glued right onto the grill.
A bag of charcoal can be made out of the adds appearing in the paper right now.  Cut the bag out that is the right size and glue onto another paper.  Make a bag out the 2 sheets of paper and fill with fine gravel or sand so it will sit like Charcoal. Roll the top of the bag or leave open and chop up black Fimo and insert into the bag.

The table is a kids size table from a roundtable at a Convention.  It was made by Tom Walden out of cherry wood.  I can not make myself paint it the red color, it is cut so nicely, no flaws to cover with paint.

The star striped mat board I got from Dollar Tree.  It is a glass coaster and I thought they would make good tables.  In this case it is going to be a base for the bangle bracelet swimming pool for the kids.  These bracelets used to be found all over the place and in every color.  I could not find them anywhere except at Hobby Lobby.  They were in the childrens craft section.  No red or blue.
I will glue the plastic bangles together with airplane glue and then insert a circle of the star striped coaster inside.  I might use some resin inside with some toys.  If so duct tape on the bottom to seal any leaks.

Red and blue plastic straws cut into sizes of drinking glasses will be for the refreshments.  The 4 different plastic stir sticks I found at Dollar Tree right next to the coasters.  I trimmed off the stick and came up with a tray or  platter(see center) just right for on the picnic table to hold hamburgs and hotdogs. 


  1. This is really neat! I will be at the dollar tree very soon. Thanks so much.

  2. OMG - these are adorable - thank you so much for sharing.