Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Firecracker packages for the 4th of July

Fire cracker packages for the 4th of July.  click on picture to enlarge for details

Right click on this picture and select print.  It will come up and print 1/12 scale   Select a card stock to print it on, cut on lines to create a box.  Use a razor blade to fold lines over and apply glue at the seams.  If you want real fireworks, use beads and  carpet thread or dental floss for smoke bombs, wire for sparklers, wrap colored paper around tooth picks for firecrackers.
There are a lot of free mini printable sites with fireworks and  fire crackers.  Just google fireworks, miniature free printables.  

This is a Cracker Jack box that has been collapsed.  I found it on Web searches.  It can be saved into your picture file and adjusted to size.  If you have Windows picture programs select print and go down to 35 per page .  Should be just about right. 

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