Saturday, July 14, 2012

A few shopping finds for mini treasures

This tiny toy animal train is just 6 inches long. Each is on wheels and is 3/4 inch long.  A rope adjoins each car and appears to be a child's pull toy.  Click on picture to enlarge.  I think this would look good in front of a Christmas tree.  I found this in a box, no markings at a store that has been around forever.  A mom and pop type store.  Its a root thru box after box to find what you want.  The original owner used to do Egg design way back when.  She had a lot of minis from the 1950's and 1960's.  Not many of these type stores left any more.  The store is in a deteriorating neighborhood and so is the store.  Hope it stays a while longer.  The kids still have the attic to go thru yet.

These I found at Target and are magnetic paper clips.  They are soft and cushy.  Look real close and see if they don't look like miniature toilet seats!  I have molds for the toilets but not seats.  These are too cute.

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