Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday America!
click on all pictures to enlarge for details

A paper umbrella for drinks found at The Party Store
Swimming pool done with star bottom, beach ball from small bouncing balls at party store
Nutmeg pods painted green in a small metal pan with clear plastic doll filler crystals for ice.

 A eureka moment when making the drink glasses. The bendable area on the large straw has ridges. Stretched out the bend has texture on them. What neat looking glasses. I can get 2 glasses out of each bend with the nicest ridges on each one. I glued the glasses onto white paper so you can see them better. I will cut out the bottoms of each when dry with small manicure scissors.

  The charcoal bag was cut from a newspaper add  and glued onto stiffer paper and made into a bag. The jar in the center of the table has clear plastic crystals inside and resin with a little yellow glass stain added. The lid is a scrapbook brad with the bottom cut off. 

The cooler decorated with plaid scrapbook paper is from a container that used to hold film for a camera. Kind of hard to come by now, a Diabetes test strip container could be used instead.  Also a small bottle from a RX.  Everything was plaid in the 1950's.

The small florescent pink rings in the center of the table are from the paper umbrella to keep it shut.  I thought they could be the light stick necklace and rings that are so popular right now with the kids.  Back ground are printie paper plates.

Close up of the straw used for drinking cups, charcoal bag and cooler

My next door neighbor, cousin and friend Adrianne, and I started on the July 4th room boxes this week.  She turns 14 this week.  So full of ideas and such an inspiration.  She wanted to know if they would be done by the 4th.  Maybe by the 4th of 2013! 

The dogs and I are keeping cool indoors and I am working off and on with the project.  Even though is is daylight I hear fireworks and explosives going off.  It keeps the dogs busy with their barking skills because of it.   As I am working I have reflected on July 4th of yesterdays. I am proud to be an American.  I am proud of my ancestors who made that Freedom possible.  I have had relatives in the Civil War, WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam.
We were so fortunate they all came back safe and sound.  They all went willingly for our Freedom and those around the world . 
To the many that have fought, and some have sacrificed their lives, I Thank You!


  1. Great idea with the straw and the charcoal bag. I love the little umbrella too! :)
    -Lucinda F.

  2. A BIG thank you! I appreciate your tutorials and your sharing and look forward to seeing more!

    Great minis!

    "Creating Miniatures, Is The Best Therapy!"
    It also helps keep me sane!

    Miniature Creations By Leilani