Sunday, July 8, 2012

Inspiration is Free

My inspiration today was found free on the website Pinterest.  I love the inspirational verses found on there.  I can quickly adapt this for my life . The pictures of the heads in the garden I think are just a hoot!  I could see myself doing this in my real garden, but more than that I will be doing this in a miniature garden.  No Weeding or upkeep, and it will last forever.!

If  a person was real handy in paper clay these would be easy to model  in that medium.    Allow to air dry and then paint with grey and turquoise paint. Make the plants out of miniature landscaping items. If you are handy in fimo, heads could be modeled  and then baked.

If you can pour in ceramic or porcelain make your own heads and add a bust onto it with air dry clay or Terra cotta.

I did something similar to this once on a statue outside.  Whip up buttermilk with some already growing moss and slather with a brush onto the cement statue.  The buttermilk acts as a growing medium for the moss.  It does work and should turn green within a week.  If slightly dry mist with a mister with water.  Keep the Dog away, especially if they love buttermilk.

My love of unusual things comes from my Mother's mother I am sure.  No one ever told her it can not be done. She loved plants and gardens.  She built her own goldfish pond by herself long before any one ever thought of it. The garden paths had little elf furniture and ceramic elves all over the place.  Her garden was full of unusual plants that did unusual things.  A gas plant that exploded when lighting a match around it, plants that smelled unusual, plants that grew eggs, plants that peanuts and tomatoes on the same plant.  She went to college to learn how to graft plants.  She had apples, pears, and peaches growing on the same tree.  Roses of different colors sharing the same bush.  Money plants that grew quarters and smaller change( I think she helped on that one).  Sensitive plants that closed when you touched them, and of course the flesh eating plants that loved to eat flies. We kept busy the whole visit trying to catch fresh flies.  Her inside was full of house plants from all around the world.  She had lemons and limes growing inside.  My Grandpa built a greenhouse for her connecting the garage to the house.  To me she was an extraordinary woman who lived and extraordinary life!

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  1. First, I love these planters(?). I will be looking out for anything I could use for that in human size.
    I was visualizing your grandma's garden and trying to figure out how I could do some of those things without having the lawn guy getting upset.LOL She sounded like a real innovative lady.