Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 4th project-Beginning locating items

Checked print on table Hobby Lobby, firework scrapbook paper- Michaels
 Dill buttons for plates found at Hobby Lobby, save the blister pack it has round mold from button. could be used for cakes or jello mold.
 red chips with gold on outside are poker chips found at a  variety store
 small tupperware container found at  Dollar Tree in craft area.

Potatoe Chips are Red or green pepper seeds toasted in the oven.  A button is used for the bowel.  The Potatoe chip package is one taken from the coupons in the weekly adds and glued on paper, filled with stuffing and given a coat of gloss Modge Podge.

The baked beans in a wooden bowl are mustard seeds colored with brown acrylic paint and then added to a small amount of brown glass glaze.  Heap up into the bowel and when dry they will look like real baked beans with some of the sauce around the edges.

The potatoe salad is in a wood bowl.  It is off white fimo that has been baked in a long square roll, and cut with a razor blade in chunks.  Clear painting glaze, found in a tube in the acrylic section, has a little yellow and white paint mixed into it, add the chunks of fimo and heap into a bowl.  The green and yellow pieces are from kushey balls found in the party section.  They come all colors in a pack, look like they have tenicles, very soft and fun to squeeze.  These come in handy to cut of little chucks for food, in jello, etc.  They make them larger for kids to play with but you would have to purchase quite a few to get all the colors.  I found mine at The Party Store, about  the size of a quarter round and about 8 to a package.

Close up of buttons for plates, poker chips and tupperware container.
The tables I made from scrap wood, using a pattern from a Joanne Swanson How To from Nutshell News a long time ago.  I only kept the pattern so I can't tell you what year it was.
The seats are wooden coffee stir sticks.  The table is 6 inches long total.  Rookwood red is the color, Americana paint I believe.  I  did not use a saw just a sharp exacto knife and angle cutter tool.

 My Father made all our picnic tables from wood when I was a kid, and it was our job to paint them.  Always red, our house was red with white trim.  These tables lasted for about 20 years before they rotted out. A yearly paint job meant it was picnic and reunion time.  He was such a good carpenter.  He would make a picnic table for his friends and relatives as a gift.  Always appreciated. How could you have a picnic without one.?

I have chosen to put my July 4th scene into the basket with the hole in the front that I blogged about  another time.  I am in the process of gathering right now and will share that  process every day until I have the project completed.  Since the day today is the 1st of July I know it will not be done by the 4th, but that was my inspiration to start and finish this project.  Perhaps from this project you will find inspiration to do one of your own.

Some people have a lot of ideas, some people have not enough, What you do with them is what counts!   I say share the wealth of ideas, no one person  can ever  use them all in this lifetime.

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