Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mini hair tie slipper Tutorial

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My inspiration for the day!   This expresses my sentiments to the T.  Thanks  everyone who has responded to my blog with your kind comments and suggestions.  It means more to me than you know.  I get a thrill to see everyday how many all over the world are looking at MY blog, and hope it inspires you  as well.  When I see the response in a certain area, it spurs my imagination on to create other things. 
A tool I could not do without. A large prescription RX bottle. Put in your glue and store it upside down and the glue is always ready to go. No time spent squeezing the bottle to get the glue to come down!

These Key tags are just the right size for pizza pans  They are 1 inch in the round. Found at a resale shop.  Could be used for cookie trays for baked goods as well.  Office supply stores would have these

Found this bath mat at Big Lots.  I did not see a bath Matt  at all.

What I saw was about a thousand little glass looking bowls on a tray and a bubble that will magnify on words or pictures.  Maybe a bubble over a picture and then a frame over top?  These would be perfect for a salad bowl 1/2 inch in size.
Dollar store large bag of children's hair ties in assorted colors  I think they look like fuzzy slippers.  So below is a mini tutorial on what I made

Each hair tie is about 3/4 inch in length.  After gluing onto cardboard they are 1/2 inch.  Glue pushing the sides so there is not gap in the center.
We have Frogs, using 3mm pompoms for the eyes and then using small black beads for the eye sockets and nose holes.
Pigs:  3mm pompoms in pink, for the nose, google eyes in 3 mm and quilling paper cut in and ear shape and glued on
Rabbits:  3mm pompoms for nose in light pink, 3mm google eyes and 3 mm white pompoms for the tails  white quilling paper with a little pink stripe for inside ear, glue onto slipper and then curl slightly.

Duckies:  3 mm Google eyes  and orange quilling paper, fold in half and make a beak.  Glue onto the mouth area

Salmon color slippers are enhanced with a gold diamond bead

Another use for the hair ties.  I work with paper all day long and get a lot of paper cuts on my fingers.  I am allergic to band aids, so these work really good to cover the cut until it heals.  Also I can color code with my outfit.

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  1. Super glue is made in a sterile environment. It seals the paper cut wound so the air cannot get to the nerve endings. (which is what makes a paper cut hurt so much) seal it with the glue and you will never know the cut was ever there!!!