Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mischief in the Hen House

If you go back on my blog to March and read ahead you will learn of my  Baby chicks I purchased .  Always looking for new adventures I got 6 chicks that were guaranteed to be all Girls.!  It has been an adventure raising them, watching them grow and see what makes them tick, so to speak.  I researched all the books available, Internet searched and was not anticipating any eggs until late August or September.  It is  a pleasure to go out in the morning to let them out and see them start their day.  Sunday I went to the hen house and they were all in the corner looking down at something.  I wish I had a camera to take a picture of their faces!  Mouths open in surprise and clucking  like none I have heard before.  Even the duck was excited.  They did not want to go out, just kept looking at the corner.  Well, I had to go check it out.  If the chickens are brave enough to be there and aren't dead, I can at least look too!  There in the corner was a very small brown egg!  I found the culprit, she pecked at me when I reached to get the egg.  She was a little mixed brownie chicken, fluffiest feathers I ever saw.  I thought the others would get the hint and start laying.  So far none of the others  have, but my little brownie is giving me an egg every day, just about the same time in the afternoon.  

One of the chances you take when purchasing chickens is putting too much trust in the signs that say Pullets.  Some how a rooster got in my batch of pullets  (Hens) .  I ignored it hoping it was a fast developer, but the noise was a little too much at 4 AM in the morning.  Finally facing reality and  wanting to keep my neighbors on the friendly side, I explained the situation this morning to Mr. Rooster and  packed him up on the seat for a trip to Amish country. The girls in the pen didn't seem to care, they are very independent modern girls that can get a long with out a man, Thank you very much!  I drove to Amish Country, hoping a house would pop out and say I want that chicken.  I stopped at a fruit market and low and behold there were about a thousand chickens in the back.  Free range egg layers!  I asked if they would like a rooster, No I begged,  please bless me by taking this rooster off my hands!  She said she would be happy to take the rooster.  I must admit a few tears fell as I left him behind.  It was easier than having him for dinner!
I found this at a resale shop on my way back home.  I think it is a suet house but I think it looks like a chicken coop. It is about 12 inches high with a little landing and a fence.  With a little work I can turn it into a chicken house.  It already has chicken wire in the door.

Tomorrow morning a special omelet with the 5 brown eggs we have collected since Sunday.  Whole wheat spelt bread from Amish country and Fresh fruit from the garden. My  French Coffee Press is absolutely the best! 

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