Sunday, July 22, 2012

NAME online Japanese item swap

My inspiration picture.  Click on all pictures for details  NAME online group has just finished up another swap called Japanese item.  This picture I have had for a long time.  It was the inspiration for my items for the swap.  We had to make 12 of everything.

I chose to do the kimono after reading an origami book.  Instead of paper I did my kimono in material using a different pattern on the back.  The wall hanging of a kimono is from a yardage of material I had gotten a long time ago.  I cut the shape out and glued on cardboard.  a paper punch made two holes and then I put gold cord for a hanger.  Modge podge in a matte was applied to add stiffness.
I used Fabric tack to hold in places and ironed as I folded.  A small straw is the hanger, I could not find my bamboo sticks, I got them just for this project too.

Details on the back fold

The little sandals are buttons that I painted with nail polish and then used a foamy sheet on the bottom.  A small nail decal covers up the holes for the button.  The plastic fan I trimmed in gold and then glittered nail polish.  The wall hanging is on cardboard and was from a piece of material that had all colors of kimonos on it.  The parasol is from a paper drink stirrer that I painted with glittered nail polish and trimmed in gold.  The polish makes the paper look like lacquered paper.

I purchased some lovely handkerchiefs that were hand painted with trees, birds, and flowers in Amish country from a store that has missionary's in all areas of the world.   I plan on doing a couple pictures with deep frames with the hankies as backdrops, a kimono and a picture from a postcard book I got of Geisha's.  I will intersperse items I get in the swap within the pictures.  

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  1. Karen this is wonderful! I love it!! I am a fan of the orient, my house is filled with asian dolls, nic-nacs and wall decor.

    Thank you for sharing this tut.