Sunday, July 15, 2012

Update on stone head planters

My inspiration for the day

I have found a website for the head planters that I blogged about the other day.http:/  It is a delightful site with stories of each of the heads.  You can also purchase them on their site.   If you still want to make your own another site  gives some information about how you could do this.

Look up hypertufa, a light and durable and inexpensive mixture you can make and mold into a very porous stone mixture and mold over pots to create other pots.  Martha Stewart did this on her program using large bowls, covering with garbage bags.  After dry you can carve this very easily.  It is made of Portland cement, peat moss, and perlite.  I made a pot a long time ago of this and it is still around.  If you go onto Dells molds a suggestion is made to use a Halloween Mask for the face.    I also thought a Styrofoam head that beauticians use for wigs and hair setting could be used for the face.  Very inexpensive to buy and I see them at garage sales all the time.  My daughter has a plastic life like head she used in Cosmetology school.  I think that might work as well.

I have decided to pour my heads from the molds I have and make miniature versions.  It will  be easier to cut the top of the heads off while the slip is still wet for the planter portion.  I have the Gone with the Wind molds.  I think I will do a Gone with the Wind Garden. I also have The yellow brick road molds, that would look really good also.  As song came on the radio today called, Its raining Men.  What a hoot that would be to do a garden with just men's heads!    I am starting to pour today because it is cloudy and rainy.  I will keep you updated on my progress.
  I love when new inspiration comes into my path.  I do not feel guilty to abandon a project to start a new one.  I know it will wait patiently  until my new love gets old, and I once again lovingly resume the task of finishing up the abandoned one.

Yesterday as I was mowing the grass all kinds of new ideas popped into my head.  However by the time I was done (3 hours later) they had all left my head.  I guess I will have to take paper and pencil along on that chore and write them down.  I really do like to mow the grass.  It is like taking a mini vacation riding around and observing every little thing that has changed from the time before.  It is sort of a meditation time.  Thoughts come into my head and memories I had long forgotten as well as inspiration for new projects.  Perhaps it is the  drone of the mower engine or the blades twirling  that changes the energy patterns.  I do know that a full or new moon sharpens my  creative processes.  I am glad for that, sometimes I feel like there is nothing new in the world, other times I can fill a whole page of paper up with ideas.  I find if I write things down it is easier to recall the original idea.   I do this with wants and needs as well.  If I am looking for something I write it down and then forget about it.  Months go by and I look at my list and start crossing off the items that have materialized.

 This was the case of a French Coffee Press recently.
Martha Stewart always raves about them.  Expensive, but I put it on my list anyway.  A weekend ritual is a pot of coffee, and a special breakfast to start the day on the deck watching the birds and other animals.  On a  recent visit to a resale shop that benefits spade and neutering animals my French Coffee Press announced its presence before I walked into the door.  The word French Coffee came into my mind on the staircase.  I was alerted and when I walked into the door, Eureka, there it was.!  I love days like that!

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