Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wine rack from throw away medical container

Front view of finished wine rack.  A well stocked wine cellar.  Glue a cluster of 3 grapes to the corners of each and cut out leaves from green paper for the grape leaves  Twist wire around a toothpick to get the vine curls.
Supplies needed for the wine rack.  A plastic container that insulin and antibiotics come in .  Get in touch with your favorite Nurse.  These are 4 1/2 x 2 1/4" in size.  They have 50 small holes in them.
Plastic wine bottles, beads in the shape of small grapes, rolled wood trim,(in forefront of black box, scraps of green paper for leaves, scraps of thin green or brown wire for the grapes and thin bead board, to cover the plastic box and desired color of paint.

Side view of wine rack   click on picture for details.  I glued bead board on each side and held with a vice until it dried..  I choose gold paint for mine and when dry I thinned down brown paint to a water consistency and dry wiped it over the gold to antique.  A thin stripe of brown in the groove to look like vines twisting gives it the finishing touch.  This is very colorful depending on the wine bottles you use. 

This is very quick and easy.  All it needs is a table with wine glasses and some cheese.  I already did that one on a previous blog using pizza lid holders the sole of my shoe and some styrofoam,  and dental floss. 

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