Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dollar Tree Circus cages redo into Dog pens

Miss Feloney Fickeisen ready for a day in the sun, doing a study on a single blade of grass.

A dog with attitude

Dog cage without the lid

Dog cages stacked on top of each other

This is what the cage looks like in the Dollar Tree version.  It is a key chain I believe and is enclosed with clear plastic.  The hole on the top is for water.  The lion inside grows with the water.

To redo this into a dog cage you will need a Dremel with a sharp blade on it.  The clear plastic inside is very hard.  I removed the water hole plug and the key chain.  The little nub that held the key chain can be nipped off with cutters.  I turned the lid upside down for the cage on top to sit better.  Glue will have to be goop or E 6000, something that will hold onto plastic.  Tacky just is not durable enough.  Use the Dremel with the cutting blade and cut into the plastic on the lid where they glued it on.  Go around cutting only the black plastic at this point to unloose from the clear plastic.  If you get the top off, the box can be broken out or pried out.  Now you have the black box free from the clear one.  You could spray paint the whole thing silver but the ones I have are black.
  I used newspaper, real from the stock pages because the writing is small and eventually the page will yellow  or you can go to Jim's printable minis and get copy's of papers.  Glue down the paper, a small plastic dog or cat  from the toy store or craft store.  Usually in the kids department, a whole bag of cats or dogs for a couple dollars.  I you need to paint any acrylic paint will cover to change the appearance.
  The water and food bowls are from medicine packs, Prilosec, I believe.  They have a bubble for the pill, just cut that silver bubble out and you have a bowel.  It is flexible to flatten out the bottom.  I used mustard seeds for the dog food, just paint brown and let dry.  Glob a bunch of glue into the bowel and pour in the brown painted mustard seeds.  I you are making a scene with these, like a kennel, make sure you make bundles of newspapers wrapped in string for the extra papers.  If you wanted more detail, glass stain in yellow would make dribble on the papers inside, and of course Fimo clay textured with rough sand paper and rolled in clumps would make the solid matter.  How graphic do you want to get?
We can learn a lot about ourselves by observing our 4 legged friends.  A lot of wisdom in this sign.  An animal loves unconditionally.  Should we not also?  I never have a bad day long when the dogs come and greet me.  They demand to be paid attention to and won't leave you alone until they are satisfied.
  My Doctor has a Golden Lab that makes rounds with him his office.  She comes in lays her head on your lap and after interacting for a minute goes under the desk and sits.  He has done a study that his patients, after interacting with the dog, their  blood pressure goes down drastically, and the stress of just visiting the doctor is  reduced.  Her mate died a few years ago and it appears she was dying of a broken heart.  He decided to take her to work so she would not be home all day alone, and she became a permanent partner.  I like her bedside manner and like a whole lot of Doctors , not much to say but a good listener!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Laptop computer made from Binaca breath strip case

Still wet with glue a laptop computer made from a Binaca breath strip case found at drugstores and dollar stores.  Cost is only a $1.00.    Visit Jims Printable Minis-click on 1" and scroll down to Computers. Choose the one you like and print out on a cardstock type paper.

The back side of finished mini computer
To do this project you will need an Binaca case, small  piece of black card stock, I used a Christmas card sample, Black enamel nail polish, goop glue, a saw and a nail emery board.  Go to Jim's Printable Minis and click on 1 inch scale -scroll down to computer as shown on picture above.  I printed out the picture on a card stock

This is the side view of the case with the lid open

This is the case closed on my fingertips

I cut the bottom for the computer out from the card stock and used that as my guide for how long to make the computer from the lid portion..  Then I cut the back side of the case off to glue to the computer because it has the rounded backside.

The lid portion has a slight lip on it that needs cut off with an exacto knife.  Do not cut towards your thumb.  This plastic is soft but do this slow and on a cutting board. 

Using Goop glue, it adheres to plastic really well, glue the rounded back portion to the front

Use a vice to grip the case until the glue dries
My kind of thinking.  I agree Give and it shall be given back to you 100 times plus!!  Click on the article to enlarge and read.

Use black nail enamel, apply several coats to all areas, leaving dry between coats.  If there is a gap on the back where you joined the other piece to the front, fill with nail enamel and it will disappear.  The next step is to cut out the keyboard and cut it down to size for the bottom portion.  Then cut out the screen and cut to fit.  The black card stock is used for the back side of the lid.  Cut to fit and be equal with the screen portion on the front.  When glue is dry I coated all with gloss Modge podge.  Don't forget to glue the bottom portion from your printie  to the bottom of your laptop.    This was my very first try and I think it came out pretty good.  However there is always room for improvement.  If I make another one I will use a round tooth pick cut off to fit the top of the lid where the screen and black cardboard meet, to seal the gap.  I tried to fill with nail polish and glue and it has a rugged appearance in the picture.  When you make yours use a tooth pick cut to size to fill the gap.  I ran out of time today and wanted to get this posted for you all to enjoy.

P.S.  After a sleepless night over the too rugged appearance of the top of the computer, I got up early Sunday morning and cut and painted the round toothpick and glued to the top of the lid.  It just was too sloppy looking.  In the picture it looked bad, but just sitting there it looked pretty good.  The camera will not hide a multitude of sins, unless you have  Photoshop.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Big Ideas for Miniature makers

All of these pictures came from the web site Pininterest.  This couch could be make in miniature for a fairy garden or just a garden scene to make you smile.  Team it up with the chair below.  Very easy to convert to miniature

Another idea for a mini garden.  Twigs and a miniature wood bowl.  What could be easier than that.  Fairy garden, bird feeder?

This I love.  I would like one in a large size please!  But until then an idea came to me to make in miniature. I created a blog a couple months ago with the How to make a suitcase out of a mini Altoids case.  How about a lot of mini Altoids cases made into a dresser like this.?     I would make a great storage for all those tiny trinkets, beads, pins etc. Not only could it serve as storage, but could be placed in a room box and not take up any space.  Double duty.

Here is the chair!  The moss used in railroading would be ideal for this.  Everyone has a chair they have purchased at sales and they were a little beat up.  If not create one with matte board and dowel legs. Use some rubber matt or foamy sheets to build up and then glue and coat with greens.

An idea taken from real life for a dollhouse stair case.  Would be perfect in Mother Goose's House, a toy store, book store.  I love this.  For the more serious, use the classics in a Victorian steam punk house, Halloween House use more gory titles.

I put this in for a unique storage idea for those of us without a lot of space.  Look at all you can do with the wasted space behind a door using 3 book shelves and the black is a board sprayed with blackboard paint.  Fill with bins and baskets and your mini workshop is all set up.  Not a whole lot of space but a whole lot of storage for mini items or crafts.

The Fairy Garden.  Lots of ideas for them on Pininterest. 

If you like contemporary furniture it should not take too much  genius to create this in miniature.  Wouldn't it be great to create  a table full of these with pinups on the wall for a man cave?
I hope you have enjoyed these creative inspirations from Pininterest.  It is my favorite site for inspiration.  If you like History you can go into the header to select history.  It will give you pictures and information about all eras.  If you need a picture of a person or event, this is where to go.  Also if you like the clothing of a certain era, its all in the history section.  It is my favorite next to recipes. 

I have a few How to's on the back table in varying stages.  Life has got very busy the past few weeks.   I will try to post them as soon as I can.  I am actually looking forward to the early darkness of Fall.  It gives me more time for my creative pursuits.

I am working on a lap top computer from a miniature Binaca case, The Japanese Swap wall cases, mini cupcakes and molds from electrical  twist caps, dog pens from Dollar Tree toy keychains, and right around the corner  HALLOWEEN.  I have enough items to share for HALLOWEEN to last about a month.  So if you like HALLOWEEN stay in touch. 


Big ideas make mini making easy

These pictures are from Pininterest.  I use them to inspire me to make the same thing in miniature.  This house would look fantastic in a Shabby Chic room setting.  Paint a house and then sand it down to look old 

 To make an antique solution to age wood.:. In a jar put a cup of vinegar, coffee grounds from your morning brew and then add a piece of steel wool over night.  .  The vinegar  will make the steel wool rust.  Strain  and put in a clean jar.  Apply on wood with a clean brush.  Before applying, rub certain areas, where the wood will wear, with candle wax.  This creates a block for paint and stain.  After staining lightly sand away the candle wax.

This is a real size door  covering a pantry.  Would'nt it be lovely in mini size to do the same thing in a shadow box for the wall, using the great mini screen doors available?  It would make a great gift for a friend.  Fall harvest items and canning jars full of the harvest of vegtables.  Perhaps some pumpkins on the floor.  Baskets, Bead board on the back and I believe they used a fork for the door handle.  I am going to do this!!  Who would not like this little gem in their kitchen?

I personally have the molds for a bathtub like this.  Who would think to make it into a bird bath for the real birds.  What a great way to use miniatures in the outside setting.    If you have a friend that likes the birds, even if they are not a miniaturist, this would be the ticket for them.  I do  want to do this.

This is a large size toilet, but so creative.  A miniature version could be made for a contemporary bathroom using a toilet and bashing it.  The tic Tac Fish tank I blogged about a couple of months ago could be attached to the back.  If you are handy with mold making and resin, the seat could be easily make as well, shells and fish stickers  could be added in the resin after pouring.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Japanese NAME swap

A NAME Japanese swap
The anticipation of waiting for something in the mail is over.  The Japanese swap arrived and the above is a picture of all the neat items everyone came up with.  The total participants were 12 people.  It was quite a selection and variety of items.  I will share my finished dioramas with these items in them when completed.    So many talented miniaturist in our NAME community.

 I plan on making shadow boxes for the wall incorporating these items with hand painted handkerchiefs and postcards of Geisha girls.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Miniature Stone Head Planters Finished

Gone with the Wind Characters with full head of hair  click to enlarge details
Oz with finished plants in top of head
The Three Stooges  click on pictures to enlarge

I finished the plants from my garden stash and a lot of the plants were from my plant swap.  I glued on a little green flocking here and there and blended back with grey paint to dull it down.  It makes it look like alge growing on it.

I love these inspirational thoughts   They always appear on the day I especially need them! 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Inspiration for head vases in miniature

Some encouragement for someone.  We all need to be reminded of this.  Perhaps that is why miniatures provide an escape for us all.
I found these head face vases in my travels somewhere on vacation.  They are about 12 inches high and I was breath taken by them.  I found it hard to choose which one I wanted so I got them all.  I enjoy them each day  as I am getting ready for work.  I don' t have flowers in the back because I use them for junk out of my pockets and pencils and paper and such.  I am sharing these with you because they would be great in miniature too.  Maybe 1/2 or 1/4 scale for on top of a mantel or dresser.  Someone who pours in that scale could probably pour them for you.  I understand these are from antique originals. and they used them for brushes and combs.  After seeing the possibilities with the stone head planters I have blogged about I am seeing things in a new light for miniatures.
Carved from an orange.  Some people are SO creative!

Miniature Stone Head Planters

If you have been following my blog, July 15 and before, I blogged about Life size stone statues I thought were pretty neat and said it was the inspiration for some miniature ones.  Well I have been working since that time and have come up with miniature ones for a garden scene.   I couldn't wait to share with you, so here they are unlandscaped.  The next time I hope to have the flowers planted in their heads.  I poured the heads from molds I have.  I used the ceramic clay cutoffs that I keep.  I reconstituted them in a blender, and since there was a lot of air bubbles I got some holes in the finished product.  It makes it look more rustic.  After firing I glued onto a body.  I used paper clay to fill out the body on all the heads.  It also hid the boobs a little bit and the seams on the neck.  This is the first time out with paper clay.  I like it a lot.  I could have smoothed out the seams and wrinkles with water but I liked the roughness of it, making it look more like cement.  The package is real shiny so I did not get a picture of it.  I got it at Michael's.  It is very soft, has the feel of the old bread dough clay.  It dries very quickly.  Rick Pierce uses this on his creations, houses, and it is very rustic and real looking.  A couple months ago in one of the miniature magazines he demonstrated how to make shingles on a house with it.  It dries very hard, can be carved and textured when wet and dry.  It is an air dry clay.

 The three Stooges, Gone with the Wind and The Oz characters all about 1 3/4 inches tall
I painted all with acrylic paint.  First in dark grey, next in a watered down turquoise and then I dry brushed a light grey over the patina.  I could have added sand to give it a gritty look like cement but I liked it just like it was.  If you click on the picture you will see they are very antique looking.  I might dry brush a little dark grey over the top or glue moss on the finished product. The Scottie dog was a brass finial I found in a box of junk from an auction that I have been saving for years.

I think it will be fun looking for floral components in my miniature stash.  The next time I hope to be finished and share the final edition with you. 

 The next picture is a possibility.  My daughter got some stereo equipment and this was in the packaging.  As I was throwing it away I saw a garden with the boxwood hedges already in place, a round circular path  and in each corner a riser for flower pots.  Wow what a treasure!   I just may use this as the showcase for my head statues.  The circular area could be the yellow brick road!  I am seeing granite textured spray paint all over the base to give the look of stone.  The raised areas around the squares could be covered in green planting material to look like hedges, stone paths, a brick wall outside. 

I am anxiously awaiting  for the return of the  Japanese Name swap items in the mail.  It will give me something to look forward to this week.  I will share the finished projects with you and the shadow boxes I will be making with the items.  It is always fun waiting for and finally receiving a package in the mail.    There are so many talented miniaturists in the world.  I enjoy each and every one of the items that someone has taken so much time to create.