Saturday, August 18, 2012

Big Ideas for Miniature makers

All of these pictures came from the web site Pininterest.  This couch could be make in miniature for a fairy garden or just a garden scene to make you smile.  Team it up with the chair below.  Very easy to convert to miniature

Another idea for a mini garden.  Twigs and a miniature wood bowl.  What could be easier than that.  Fairy garden, bird feeder?

This I love.  I would like one in a large size please!  But until then an idea came to me to make in miniature. I created a blog a couple months ago with the How to make a suitcase out of a mini Altoids case.  How about a lot of mini Altoids cases made into a dresser like this.?     I would make a great storage for all those tiny trinkets, beads, pins etc. Not only could it serve as storage, but could be placed in a room box and not take up any space.  Double duty.

Here is the chair!  The moss used in railroading would be ideal for this.  Everyone has a chair they have purchased at sales and they were a little beat up.  If not create one with matte board and dowel legs. Use some rubber matt or foamy sheets to build up and then glue and coat with greens.

An idea taken from real life for a dollhouse stair case.  Would be perfect in Mother Goose's House, a toy store, book store.  I love this.  For the more serious, use the classics in a Victorian steam punk house, Halloween House use more gory titles.

I put this in for a unique storage idea for those of us without a lot of space.  Look at all you can do with the wasted space behind a door using 3 book shelves and the black is a board sprayed with blackboard paint.  Fill with bins and baskets and your mini workshop is all set up.  Not a whole lot of space but a whole lot of storage for mini items or crafts.

The Fairy Garden.  Lots of ideas for them on Pininterest. 

If you like contemporary furniture it should not take too much  genius to create this in miniature.  Wouldn't it be great to create  a table full of these with pinups on the wall for a man cave?
I hope you have enjoyed these creative inspirations from Pininterest.  It is my favorite site for inspiration.  If you like History you can go into the header to select history.  It will give you pictures and information about all eras.  If you need a picture of a person or event, this is where to go.  Also if you like the clothing of a certain era, its all in the history section.  It is my favorite next to recipes. 

I have a few How to's on the back table in varying stages.  Life has got very busy the past few weeks.   I will try to post them as soon as I can.  I am actually looking forward to the early darkness of Fall.  It gives me more time for my creative pursuits.

I am working on a lap top computer from a miniature Binaca case, The Japanese Swap wall cases, mini cupcakes and molds from electrical  twist caps, dog pens from Dollar Tree toy keychains, and right around the corner  HALLOWEEN.  I have enough items to share for HALLOWEEN to last about a month.  So if you like HALLOWEEN stay in touch. 


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  1. All of these are good to jumpstart an imagination. I am have a slight dry brain moment. So thanks! :-D