Saturday, August 18, 2012

Big ideas make mini making easy

These pictures are from Pininterest.  I use them to inspire me to make the same thing in miniature.  This house would look fantastic in a Shabby Chic room setting.  Paint a house and then sand it down to look old 

 To make an antique solution to age wood.:. In a jar put a cup of vinegar, coffee grounds from your morning brew and then add a piece of steel wool over night.  .  The vinegar  will make the steel wool rust.  Strain  and put in a clean jar.  Apply on wood with a clean brush.  Before applying, rub certain areas, where the wood will wear, with candle wax.  This creates a block for paint and stain.  After staining lightly sand away the candle wax.

This is a real size door  covering a pantry.  Would'nt it be lovely in mini size to do the same thing in a shadow box for the wall, using the great mini screen doors available?  It would make a great gift for a friend.  Fall harvest items and canning jars full of the harvest of vegtables.  Perhaps some pumpkins on the floor.  Baskets, Bead board on the back and I believe they used a fork for the door handle.  I am going to do this!!  Who would not like this little gem in their kitchen?

I personally have the molds for a bathtub like this.  Who would think to make it into a bird bath for the real birds.  What a great way to use miniatures in the outside setting.    If you have a friend that likes the birds, even if they are not a miniaturist, this would be the ticket for them.  I do  want to do this.

This is a large size toilet, but so creative.  A miniature version could be made for a contemporary bathroom using a toilet and bashing it.  The tic Tac Fish tank I blogged about a couple of months ago could be attached to the back.  If you are handy with mold making and resin, the seat could be easily make as well, shells and fish stickers  could be added in the resin after pouring.

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