Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dollar Tree Circus cages redo into Dog pens

Miss Feloney Fickeisen ready for a day in the sun, doing a study on a single blade of grass.

A dog with attitude

Dog cage without the lid

Dog cages stacked on top of each other

This is what the cage looks like in the Dollar Tree version.  It is a key chain I believe and is enclosed with clear plastic.  The hole on the top is for water.  The lion inside grows with the water.

To redo this into a dog cage you will need a Dremel with a sharp blade on it.  The clear plastic inside is very hard.  I removed the water hole plug and the key chain.  The little nub that held the key chain can be nipped off with cutters.  I turned the lid upside down for the cage on top to sit better.  Glue will have to be goop or E 6000, something that will hold onto plastic.  Tacky just is not durable enough.  Use the Dremel with the cutting blade and cut into the plastic on the lid where they glued it on.  Go around cutting only the black plastic at this point to unloose from the clear plastic.  If you get the top off, the box can be broken out or pried out.  Now you have the black box free from the clear one.  You could spray paint the whole thing silver but the ones I have are black.
  I used newspaper, real from the stock pages because the writing is small and eventually the page will yellow  or you can go to Jim's printable minis and get copy's of papers.  Glue down the paper, a small plastic dog or cat  from the toy store or craft store.  Usually in the kids department, a whole bag of cats or dogs for a couple dollars.  I you need to paint any acrylic paint will cover to change the appearance.
  The water and food bowls are from medicine packs, Prilosec, I believe.  They have a bubble for the pill, just cut that silver bubble out and you have a bowel.  It is flexible to flatten out the bottom.  I used mustard seeds for the dog food, just paint brown and let dry.  Glob a bunch of glue into the bowel and pour in the brown painted mustard seeds.  I you are making a scene with these, like a kennel, make sure you make bundles of newspapers wrapped in string for the extra papers.  If you wanted more detail, glass stain in yellow would make dribble on the papers inside, and of course Fimo clay textured with rough sand paper and rolled in clumps would make the solid matter.  How graphic do you want to get?
We can learn a lot about ourselves by observing our 4 legged friends.  A lot of wisdom in this sign.  An animal loves unconditionally.  Should we not also?  I never have a bad day long when the dogs come and greet me.  They demand to be paid attention to and won't leave you alone until they are satisfied.
  My Doctor has a Golden Lab that makes rounds with him his office.  She comes in lays her head on your lap and after interacting for a minute goes under the desk and sits.  He has done a study that his patients, after interacting with the dog, their  blood pressure goes down drastically, and the stress of just visiting the doctor is  reduced.  Her mate died a few years ago and it appears she was dying of a broken heart.  He decided to take her to work so she would not be home all day alone, and she became a permanent partner.  I like her bedside manner and like a whole lot of Doctors , not much to say but a good listener!!

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